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  1. Thanks for the link Bill :-) Looks very comprehensive
  2. Customised is probably a bit generous - more like a repair to some broken spars. Skyshark are okay, but IMO don't seem to have the same return spring. P200 is the closest equivalent to 3 wrap. If you get the kite, try to keep the LE either all one set of spars, or have one of the 3w in the middle, with SS on the outside - It'll all depend on which spar has the ferrules. You may find the lines to be a little spongy - if you can to LPG it will stand you in good stead for any future purchase. Enjoy if you win it.
  3. There is great synergy across the Rev range - 1/1.5/2/speed series etc, but they are quite different characters which appeal to different tastes. As someone new to Revs, I would advise sticking with one platform - the by far most popular 1.5 - to start with. Move to the other (another) platforms once you get a better feel of what YOU want out of the experience. There is ONE kite that will satisfy you - but on the proviso that you will have to wait until you are free to fly AND the conditions are right for that ONE kite. That is why the average kite holding on this site (for those who have revealed their holdng) is so high - people want to be able to fly their Rev in whatever the conditions happen to be at the time. (Plus, there are some seriously good looking kites out there that one just HAS to have!) I "only" have 5 Revs (4x1.5 and 1 x Rev1) and I take all of them with me when I fly. Sometimes all 5 will get airborne as the conditions change; sometimes only one. Sometimes the same sail stays on the lines but the frame changes as the conditions (or my preference) changes. The main thing is, almost regardless of the conditions, I know that I'll get a Rev up and have fun doing it! The 1.5B "package" (sail/2 frames/handles/LPG line) represents, by far, the best value for money. It is probably worth noting that the full sail was around for a long time before venting was introduced so if there has to be a contender for that all-rounder title, the full sail would probably take it. Regarding Race Rods, they have the weight of the 2 wraps, but the stiffness and strength of the 3 wraps (maybe even stronger than stock 3 wraps) so have no fear about fragility. One further point about 120 lines - they give you (as a beginer) a lot more time to react when things get a bit out of hand! If you get hooked on flying a Rev, you will never be content with the one sail
  4. Welcome, My take... Like Revflyer, sounds like the kind on conditions are leaning towards mid-vent which I feel is a good all rounder (with the right spars) except is very light winds. A comment on the pricing you mention - you need to compare like with like. The EXP price is a RTF package (sail, frame, LPG lines and handles) whereas the others are sail and one frame only. Whilst I would agree to go for the best you can afford, that first kite may get beat up a little - NOT something you would want to do with a Pro version. For my money (and my 18 month experience) I'd go with either a full sail or mid vent 1.5B [not pro] (2 wrap & 3 wrap frames) and add in the (Kiteworld) upgrade package to either the 80' or 120' LPG plus the Rev handles and DVD - Then you are RTF. If you are feeling flush, a set of Race Roads could be added - apart from buying them as an "extra", generally the only other way to get them would be when specifying the single frame option with a Pro sail. And, by going the B route, (subject to your colour preference) you'll get the complete package a darn sight quicker than a built-to-order Pro! My 2 cents for what it's worth. Sure as eggs are eggs, everyone will have a slightly differnent take on the way to go. In any event, enjoy
  5. I'm with Wayne on the quest for more info on the mesh, and comparative pictures would help visualise the whole thing. Maybe Cath could put the record straight? I tried to get this sort of info a while back by emailing FSK with view to buying one, but sadly didn't get a reply.
  6. Was using 90# x 85ft and it was a serious pull. (Great for bedding in new lines I would think!) I read somewhere on here that the 90# lines are okay for up to a 3 stack, but I would be wary of adding a 3rd without going to 150# I have some 150# x 85ft which came with a Rev1 Sedgwick I got on ebay, but they are not LPG I will PM you the instructions Kent gave me for the middle line connection, but that may be superceeded by the pigtail solution.
  7. Over the other side of the world, I also got a couple of sets of stacking lines from AWOC just recently and I too also tried my hand at a 2-stack. My set was a B full vent with 4-wrap followed by a B mid-vent with 3 wrap (it was quite a breezy session last weekend) - and I also had a problem with the centre line if it's any consolation (despite Kent's comprehensive instructions) Yep, a lot of fun, and some serious pull. The back kite was wobbling a bit at times. To be honest, I didn't mind that too much becuase at least I got to see it. I have seen the advice to "fly the back kite" but unless it wobbles, you can't see the blessed thing!! Actually, you can induce the wobble it you wiggle the handles and I thought it looked quite cool. It took a while to set it all up (but it was worth it), and I can now appreciate the other advice I've seen about dedicated stacks. I'm thinking about making up some pigtails at the attachment points to make setting up easier in the future. Looking forward to trying a 3-stack at some point.
  8. I recently picked up a Rev 1 Segwick on ebay at a good price - not sure the seller knew excactly what he was selling as he didn't describe it as a Rev1 nor a Segwick (just a "Rev") and the pictures had the verticals on the wrong side. I am looking to carry out some budget re-framing of the LE and seek some advice/suggestions/experience as to the "best" combination that retains the pair of 1/4inch 4-wraps that are currently in the verticals. I was thinking of either: a - 4 wrap centre with 3 wrap outer spars and the keeping the 4 wrap verticals - which gives me the option of a complete 4 wrap LE (with 3 wrap verticals) or b - a complete 3 wrap LE (retaining the 4 wraps in the verticals) Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, JP
  9. In the UK, most 1.5B packages are RTF with (LPG) lines and handles (& 2 frames)
  10. Visually, the Polo looks to have the greater vented area, but I've not read any direct reviews of the two side- -by-side.
  11. Have to agree with Kent (especially as he supplied my B series "Night" mid-vent ) - B series all the way. Whereabouts in Hampshire are you? Maybe we could meet up some time.
  12. Seriously tempted - What would be the best (international) airport to come in to? I'm guessing Portland Intl?? And what are the transport links like to get from there (or a n other recommended airport) to the Long Beach area?? Thanks
  13. Audacity - genuinely free and a very capable piece of software with a good and intuitve GUI I used it to edit all the music for our wedding and subsequent slideshow and have also used it to create "seamless" tracks for "MP3" players (as per the original album - without the pauses between tracks - eg, Dark Side Of The Moon). Have even created my own tracks by sampling!
  14. Polo lists the wind range as 3-7 Beaufort - That's about 6-38mph according to the scale!! I have a printed (unvented) Revopolo and it is a lovely piece of work - to both look at and, more imprtantly, fly. I am seriously tempted by a (full) vented Revopolo as they look so cool! But 290 euros is a bit much for me at the moment. I'd love to see a review of this against the "standard" xtra-vent.
  15. Thanks Baloo, Have flown once with Jonesy, Sailor et al prior to geting my first sail back in June. I am self employed and have worked at lot (most) weekends since then so haven't been able to get down there since for some on-the-field assistance. I have emailed Kiteworld, but will give them a ring in the next few days to ask them to bring some with them and put my name on them (and maybe some RRs ) Looking forward to meeting a number of "names" at Portsmouth. See you there, cheers.
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