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  1. All looks good now, Thanks David.
  2. Hi David, I would have put this as a reply to your recent "Forum Upgrade" topic but there is no link to do so ! Some topics do have a link for "Reply to this topic or Answer this question" but not all. am I missing something ? On the old Forum I would usually check for "New entries" virtually every day, again am I missing a trick here ? I had a couple of problems this morning when the site failed to respond when changing subject and logged out ! Bill
  3. My new custom Polo UL by Los Hermanos Show Kites using Polo,s Revopolorizer on it,s first session at Dunstable Downs, UK.
  4. I prefer Icarex, not concrete !
  5. I am contact with a new Rev flyer who has been trying to register but keeps getting an error, below is a copy of what he sent to me. Anyone got any ideas ? Bill "The registration at Revkites has an error on their security check (the 'captcha' bit), so can't register there yet either!"
  6. There is no Science of the Inverted Wobble ! It,s just pure MAGIC when it vanishes.
  7. Looks like we hold handles the same Henri ! Bill
  8. And I have at last found the link to Watty,s video !
  9. That is exactly what triggered my inverted hover ! Bill
  10. Now that we have the Forum back is not it about time it was used more ! I have noticed that over the last year or so that the quantity of new posts has declined significantly, is everybody using other forms of social media! Come on everybody lets use it or lose it. Some comments would be welcomed. Bill
  11. Happy days are here again ! Nice one David ! Bill
  12. Hi Simon, Portsmouth Kite Festival coming up next month, http://www.kitecalendar.co.uk/ not too far from you and you will meet several, no make that lots, of Rev fliers there ! Also WHKF, http://www.whkf.org.uk/ are again not too far away and I know some are Rev users! Bill
  13. Hi, you missed Gokites http://www.go-kites.co.uk/revolution-kites-142-c.asp-Kites PM sent Bill
  14. I can help showing how the bridle is assembled, see the link, for the rest I am sure others will give you good informative answers! Meeting up with an existing Rev flier is worth doing, even if it means a round trip of a couple of hundred miles! Bill http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/6173-bridle-images/
  15. Hi Nigel, All excellent advice given so far, now for my bit, It might well be that the bridle is at fault, here is a link to a post that I did covering this subject :- http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/6173-bridle-images/?hl=bridle I am assuming that the B is new with lines and handles, so try your other set of lines and handles, that will at least show if it is the kite or the lines! If you were closer to me we could have met up and have it sorted pretty quickly. Bill
  16. Hi Nigel, Here are a couple of links showing pictures of what kwmf and I use, if you work through the forum you will find more information especially how to take off ! Have a look at JB,s handles in the tutorial (Tuning Theory) and look at other videos of team fliers where there handles are visible ! Bill http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/4409-my-leaders-your-thoughts/ http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/6272-handle-length-and-bend/?hl=leaders#entry95524
  17. Hi James, I sent you a PM the other day, did you get it OK ? Bill
  18. Hi Nigel, Here is a link to get you started, the set up shown is very near the same as I and several of my friends use ! http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/4409-my-leaders-your-thoughts/ What you are looking for is differential in length between the top and bottom connections! Start with your brake lines on the knot nearest the handles, ( it,s the only one I ever use ) Connect the power line to the knot furthest form the handle, Try to take off ( I bet you won,t ), Move back a knot and try again, repeat until you can take off then go one more knot, This should be your basic datum, remember it, mark it if you can. From your datum try more or less knots, one at a time, to get comfortable and eventually you will settle on one particular knot that you like, if it is windy back off one knot, if it is calm add a knot. When I am setting up I always connect to my datum point and only add one more knot of drive when team flying. Have a look at JB,s handles on the tutorial videos, then look at other peoples videos and you will see what is meant by differential, and remember everybody is different ! Bill
  19. I learnt my lesson the hard way, I used Orange for a dual line set and regretted it !
  20. Bad idea using Orange ! you will end up having coloured fingers when you wind up your lines, that is why I stated Crystal ! Sleeving as normal but for short line sets I do not use any sleeving at the kite end !
  21. Slippery enough ! When I first flying Revs it was all I used until I started team flying with others using LPG that I had to match ! I have heard that some fliers regularly use it on 120ft for team work !
  22. No problem using the bridle line quoted, that's what I often use. As for using fishing line,be careful as most of it is totally unsuitable but what I have used for SOLO flying only is " Berkley Whiplash Crystal" in 100 lb, also available in 50, 80 lbs. The 100lb is very similar in size to 90 lb LPG, no where near as good but for generally playing around it would do ! Bill
  23. Hi Kev, I made up a 30ft set from a spare 80ft set then used the remaining to make up a set that ended up at 47ft, unsleeved and with pull off,s. Remember that you will only use these short sets for solo flying therefore the lengths are not critical ! I must admit I prefer using the 47ft, I am to ham fisted for the shorter ones ! Bill PS This coming weekend, 25th/26th is the Dunstable Downs Kite Festival, all are welcome ! https://www.facebook.com/DunstableKiteFestival?fref=ts
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