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  1. oapbillf

    Reply to this topic problem

    All looks good now, Thanks David.
  2. oapbillf

    Reply to this topic problem

    Hi David, I would have put this as a reply to your recent "Forum Upgrade" topic but there is no link to do so ! Some topics do have a link for "Reply to this topic or Answer this question" but not all. am I missing something ? On the old Forum I would usually check for "New entries" virtually every day, again am I missing a trick here ? I had a couple of problems this morning when the site failed to respond when changing subject and logged out ! Bill
  3. oapbillf

    Custom Polo

    My new custom Polo UL by Los Hermanos Show Kites using Polo,s Revopolorizer on it,s first session at Dunstable Downs, UK.
  4. oapbillf

    "New Pros"?

    I prefer Icarex, not concrete !
  5. I am contact with a new Rev flyer who has been trying to register but keeps getting an error, below is a copy of what he sent to me. Anyone got any ideas ? Bill "The registration at Revkites has an error on their security check (the 'captcha' bit), so can't register there yet either!"
  6. oapbillf

    Science of inverted wobble

    There is no Science of the Inverted Wobble ! It,s just pure MAGIC when it vanishes.
  7. oapbillf

    Science of inverted wobble

    Looks like we hold handles the same Henri ! Bill
  8. oapbillf

    Bridle Images

    And I have at last found the link to Watty,s video !
  9. oapbillf

    Science of inverted wobble

    That is exactly what triggered my inverted hover ! Bill
  10. oapbillf


    Now that we have the Forum back is not it about time it was used more ! I have noticed that over the last year or so that the quantity of new posts has declined significantly, is everybody using other forms of social media! Come on everybody lets use it or lose it. Some comments would be welcomed. Bill
  11. oapbillf

    The return of the forum!

    Happy days are here again ! Nice one David ! Bill
  12. oapbillf

    Hampshire Flying sites

    Hi Simon, Portsmouth Kite Festival coming up next month, http://www.kitecalendar.co.uk/ not too far from you and you will meet several, no make that lots, of Rev fliers there ! Also WHKF, http://www.whkf.org.uk/ are again not too far away and I know some are Rev users! Bill
  13. oapbillf

    Kite spinning

    Oh yes I do !
  14. oapbillf

    Kite spinning

    Hi Nigel, PM sent !
  15. oapbillf

    I'm very confused....

    Hi, you missed Gokites http://www.go-kites.co.uk/revolution-kites-142-c.asp-Kites PM sent Bill