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  1. Danno83, welcome to the real side of the dark side! No worries, glad you relize that revs are the real deal. The vented revs do fly in higher winds and the less venting is lesser wind capability. Now that doesn't necessarily mean it will float, it takes practice and patience. Really, I have never flown, touch, or even see a "Revolution" knockoff, but I imagine Revolution Kites are angels compared to those. Revolution is the only thing I have flown, and I own three of them and four frames. I love them, and want more. The frames are very important as well as the sails and venting. The best and lightest frame is the diamond frame, but I don't advise getting this first just because it's very fragile, except if you live in a region where you have 0-3 mph wind. I recommend the race frame or green race frame for light wind 3-9 mph and the 3 wrap frame for everything else for higher wind 8-14 mph. The race frame has loads of flex and the flex really compliments the flying characteristics in my opinion. The three wrap is the "standard" frame. There is a 4 wrap frame, but it so stiff I find it uncomfortable to fly with, although I do fly with it in very high wind conditions. Personally for sails, if you have average wind get the standard b series with a 3 wrap and a race or green race. (The green race is nearly invincible, the race is lighter). Also, get laser pro gold and handles. Get everything new, just so it is all revolution quality standards and so the knockoff strings dont hold back the legit kite. Take my advice with a grain of salt and I'm sure some other people are reading this and disagreeing with some things, but this advice is my opinion. Hope to see pictures of your kite(s) when you get it!
  2. Same exact thing happened to my race frame. Broke the middle, and of course I had a spare vertical type the kind with no ferrules. 20 dollars later... Back flying again. The only spar I have broken, in the stupidest way.
  3. SkyDancer- +1 (3) Blue/grey mid vent B- Series
  4. I looked through the forums and don't really see anybody in Michigan! I get lonely flying in Wayland (south of Grand Rapids). Let me know if you live kinda close as I would love to fly with someone else. Thanks!
  5. Has anybody found a reliable way to attach a GoPro to a Rev?
  6. I so want this frame. Has anybody tried this frame in a Zen?
  7. All I use for a ground stake is a long-ish screwdriver... for now. Soon I hope to upgrade to a custom ground stake, but it is not for better "performance" but for better "looks". Anything that is a long stick, I have even used drift wood at the beach when I forgot my screwdriver.
  8. Welcome to the family first off, and hope your kite gets there fast. I would recommend flying on the 80 foot lines for a while, maybe a few months or until you get the idea of the Revolution. Flying on the longer lines gets you a bigger wind window, more time to react, and opportunity to learn the basic figures/tricks. However if you have areas to fly that you won't be able to fit 80 foot lines in, it would be a good idea to pick up some a bit earlier, but make sure that you have plenty of room on each side of you because beginners tend to fly off to one side and crash, and trees are not friendly. Its from experience... Anyways, to answer your question, it will be fairly hard to learn on short lines, but its possible. There are different tricks to learn on short lines like catch and throws, slick axels, and crown interaction. But these tricks really require basic controls that are much easier to learn on long lines. Hope my advice was helpful and have fun!!!
  9. This is my first video, hope you enjoy, and tell me what I can improve on. Thanks!
  10. Is a custom New York Minute possible? I have seen a few that look awesome, with custom designs. And what are the major differences between this and the PRO's?
  11. Yes... I want to see pictures!
  12. SkyDancer

    Polo Revs

    How does the normal B series compare? Not the Pro, because I can't afford those beauties yet...
  13. SkyDancer

    Polo Revs

    Thanks for the advice, I'll stick to the B-series for now. Just for cost and shipping purposes, and get the B-series midvent to fill the gap between the EXP and the full vent. Thanks!
  14. SkyDancer

    Polo Revs

    Has anybody flown these? How are the wind ranges compared to B series?
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