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  1. Thanks everyone, sorry for the delay, was kiteless until yesterday. Thanks Hyza, you were right about this, the problem occurred just after inserting the spars into the central LE and tightening the bungees. After it 'broke' I pulled all the spars out of the LE fabric and there were no broken missing pieces, it just looked like the left LE had snapped cleanly off the ferrule. I couldn't understand how it happened. I now have the kite back in my hand and can indeed confirm the affected ferrule had simply slid into the central LE. I didn't realise the central LE was just a regular rod and th
  2. Still loving my 1.5! (SLE, but without the SLE, if you get me) However the left 3-wrap LeadingEdge spar seemingly broke cleanly off the central LE during setting up, leaving the end of the spar still attached flush to the central LE's ferrule. Hard to get it off the central LE. Unsure how it occurred as little pressure was placed on it when handling and I'm always extremely careful at all times when setting up, flying, dismantling and putting it away, but could have been a unseen fracture from a former accident just waiting to shear, or a family member unduly placing something heavy/stressful
  3. Just saw this on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151758975341570&set=vb.84309256569&type=2&theater'> Will the layout ever hit the Colorizer, like the B-Pro/Zen?! I like it... a Lot!
  4. Small world! Happened to be walking along a coastal footpath into Whitby on Saturday, and was surprised to see two custom Revs flying high on top of the cliff by the old Whitby Abbey - an enormous surprise for me as in my 34 years I've never seen anyone flying Rev kites before! Made a detour, had a wonderful chat with the pilots, but have only just realised after doing a quick search on the forum we'd actually already spoken! Was a pleasure to meet you Vince and Chris (of Team Fusion). What made it all the more ironic was I was so close to bringing my Rev1.5 to fly on the very same spot w
  5. How heavy is a 1.5(SLE) STD sail compared to a B-Pro STD? (Minus rods). Is there a difference? Guessing so given that they utilise different fabric materials. Are there any figures published on the weights of individual sails? However I guess they may be subject to change over time depending on the availability of material fabics at any point. Ty.
  6. Had another couple of hours today. This thing is literally off the scale. You can really throw it around. Super sharp 90º turns. Stop it dead. Back it up. Do 2160º spins on the spot (not quite bicycles yet, I'm cheating by pushing one thumb forward and pulling the other back!). Or turn it into a graceful albatross and gently float around the window with the lightest of finger touches. I have never had anything like it, it's crazy. The sun was high in the sky when I flew, the shadow of the kite swooping amongst the grass seemed surreal, like the wings of huge eagle. Made me jump at first when
  7. Had the most wonderful two hours flying today. Everything seemed to 'click' into place and the overall control felt a lot more natural and intuitive. Was much more confident in controlling it and making it do (roughly!) what I want it to, and was less scared of the kite being damaged as a result. The wind was slightly lighter this time, about 10mph instead of 15mph, which also helped a great deal (a vented is now on my list for when it is windier!) Seriously got the biggest smile on my face. It was fun before, but the fun factor has gone exponential. I can only imagine it will get more so a
  8. Very excited to have my first Rev!

  9. Took the kite for another flight today... As I'm new to the feeling of flying a Rev, and that (to me) the kite feels more 'fragile' than dual kites, I think I overly engage drive on the kite when there is a sudden avalanche of wind in order to try and relieve stress on the sail itself, rather than me yank on the brake and allow it to take the full brunt of the wind and drag me (or I walk) forward for fear of damaging the sail (or very occasionally I also lose control and the sail can go ape-poo at high speed, ho ho). The wind inland is very unpredictable, one moment it's 3-4mph, then next it's
  10. Thank you all, making good use of everything you've thrown at me. Was able to take the kite out today and put everything I've read and seen into practice, and, my, what a difference. Firstly, figured out the basic controls moreso thanks to the posts above and this nice little tut of the [ ] from Joe Hadzicki himself (is that the one that is usually bundled with the SLE too?).My error was doing far too much handle-pulling (like a dualie) and not enough thumb-pushing (wrist twisting). Assumed good control over the kite once I knew exactly what was required, actually I was surprised how quickl
  11. Finally managed to get it up for my first flight today, ultralight frame throughout, the wind was reported as 10mph. Extremely shaky at first, ditched it a good few times (giving to the kite really helped, Wayne, thankfully no ditches were heavy as a result). Furthermore, that 80' walk is sure a long way when a few people are watching (I even picked the most isolated beach and location to minimise this, alas still the embarrasment)! Eventually got a feeling for the controls and was able to keep it in the sky and even land it gently on its feet mostly toward the end. Soooo different to dual
  12. Ty all. Took it down the beach a few days ago for a test flight but then found the guy who had the kite before had completely messed up the bridle on one side, was completely asymmetric so had to bring the kite home and undo the knots he had made on the one side. Seems he didn't know how to configure the double loop (where the horizontal and vertical bridle lines are attached) and he tried to compensate by wrapping the lines and tying a whole other bunch of knots instead. Managed to get it sorted that night by untying and untangling everything, and then watching JohnB's bridle attachment t
  13. Thanks guys, will try and grab some thin tent/guy rope/string or similar very soon for customising leaders. One thing I wanted to ask, given that the UL was mentioned over the SLE. How does the SLE differ to the UL LE in terms of flying characteristics? The SLE is clearly a lot larger and heavier, I initially thought it would therefore be slower and better to learn on? Dunstable Downs looks a phenomenal place Stephen! Unfortunately I live 100+ miles north and have no transport to get there. :| I'm currently in Whitby again (far north east), so will be able to get on the beach very soon.
  14. I'm back! After starting this thread I was a little stumped as to what to do, it gave me a lot to think about. Acting on the advice given, I decided to forego a brand new B-Pro and instead get hands-on experience with a second-hand Rev so I wouldn't have to worry so much about beating up a brand new top-spec kite whilst learning. Also felt a second hand kite would be a good idea in order to have a feel for what a Std sail feels like in use, and therefore what variants (Std, Mid, Vent) to get at a later time, rather than getting a Mid-vent Pro and later finding a Std and a Vent would've been a
  15. Moggy

    Merry Christmas

    Revvy Christmas from England! We've had to postpone Christmas to New Year's Day, as pretty much everyone in our family is down with a really fluey virus! I just want to say thank you again to the community for the warm welcome I received and the knowledge given since I joined. You're all amazing people. Best wishes for the New Year.
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