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  1. So JB... Will my red & white b2 with black center panel be waiting for me at WSIKF?
  2. I can probably do that... That will let Syn be able to do more flying than what she can do with me. I can fly, but not very long. -TaK
  3. I've got more ~30's than I do 120's, so I think we should get together as a shortline mob!~ It looks like we'll be coming down on Tuesday night and ducking out Saturday night or early Sunday. Now just to figure out where to camp a la Alaska-style with the duckie...
  4. My favorite was the short time I had my yellow eyes. Was a cool effect. In the winter in Alaska, where the sun sets at 3pm, I would often find myself flying with a street light at ACC's soccer field. -Tak
  5. I hope it's okay I post this here. I won't go into any detail, since many of you have heard it too many times now. If you don't know and want to hear it, let me know. We are quite a bit short of the funds needed yet, so I'm posting here. You can use the link below for ease. Some people have preferred to mail donations or do a direct Paypal to us because the chipin takes a small percentage of donations. If you want to use direct Paypal, let me know. Posting the Paypal direct address has resulted in Syn getting nasty emails from people. Syn has done nothing wrong, so please don't send her those emails, she doesn't deserve the stress. If you can, and want to donate, you can do it here at this link: http://takomega.chipin.com/alaska-medical-trip Thanks to those who have done so... -Tak
  6. I think this one is sold... Waiting for payment... ... Yep... Sold.
  7. Thanks JB. I figured I would let you mention that if you wanted to. We've sold most of our kites now. All of that went to paying for the Dr visits that cost a lot more than it would've if everything had gone well after the surgery. The new bill will be quite a bit, but, ultimately, be cheaper than paying for what's needed now. The PowerBlast 4-8 is still for sale...also dirt cheap. No takers on that yet. I have gotten an offer on the rev multikite bag that I never got to use. Lolly was nice enough to answer my annoying questions when I called Rev HQ. She told me I shouldn't sell that, but I don't have much choice. I hope, someday, to be able to rebuild my collection. A few are not able to be replaced, but maybe Randy Tom will come up with another design that works. Right now my goal is to just get to be able to fly again.
  8. Red & grey b2 with bag. This kite is in mint condition... Bought it from rev not long before moving down here from Alaska. Flown a couple times. $150 ... Buyer pays shipping. PM me here if interested...
  9. For Sale: $450 Revolution PowerBlast 4-8. Includes: Kite, handles, lines & bag. (These handles are specifically for the 4-8.) Red/White. This kite was flown 4 times. Used for kite skiing 3 times; just for practice the first time. Each time was less than an hour...LOL. Mint condition. Paid about $700 last January for Syn's anniversary present. We want at least $450 for it. Even a well used one goes for a lot more. Buyer pays shipping from Washington & insurance. I won't go into the sob story of why we're selling it, (everyone has a story, no one cares...LOL) but we need to sell it fast. Hence the price. If you want to offer more, it will go to a good cause. PM me here if you're interested.
  10. Steve... I've had a rough few months due to medical stuff as well... At least you've got people on here supporting you. Take advantage of that while it's happening...LOL.
  11. I just sold the red version of that kite. :'(
  12. BTW... This is one of the few of our revs that I haven't put any of my own color on. Mostly because I haven't had time to, since we haven't had it long...LOL
  13. For sale. Revolution PowerBlast 4-8. Syn standing next to it shows it's size. She calls it the monster. This is for the buggy folks. Syn used it 3 times, and for short periods at that, so it's in still new condition. Includes handles (not the same as standard blast handles) and 100' lines. Includes an extra spar. Asking $600. Sell for $700 new, so it's a great deal. I have medical issues that require the sale or she'd never let it go. This will cover the cost needed at the moment. These aren't for tricking, though John Barresi claims he has video of him doing that. Do we believe him? Photo on my Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=142824585777628&id=100001502622979&set=a.125736890819731.18264.100001502622979&refid=0" TaK
  14. Yeah...believe it or not, I'm tempted to make that drive. We found a park (Lake Meridian) in Covington (Kent) that looks kind of promising, but, again, no other rev fliers there.
  15. I know I could have added this to the Seattle thread, but Seattle is a ways off so... Anyone in the area around Auburn, Kent, Covington that flies regularly? We just moved down from Alaska this month and I'm seriously in withdrawl. Problem is I like to fly with other people more than by myself, so if there's anyone in the area, let me know. Syn has pretty much abandoned flying when it doesn't involve her 2-4 or 4-8 pulling her around on her skis, so I need to find other fliers to hang out with. My schedule is open...lol If I have to I'll drive up to seattle every day but there HAS to be someone around here. --TaK
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