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Photos of your B-series Pros


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I like seeing all the different combinations of colors that people are choosing for their B-Pro kites.

Please post photos of your kites here in this thread so that I may come to one place to drool over them, and decide what colors go best together.

I know it's late...it took me this long to GET my b-pro, so... I like the colors on the rainbow b-pro, but rev always puts the dark colors on one side and the light colors on the other. Being in Alaska, we do a lot of "night" flying, (considering that "night" comes at 3pm then) so that presents a problem for me. I ordered the "race hot" colors and added blue and green just so I had those covered. ;) This afternoon I'll be painting the center panel, but haven't decided which colors yet. Here's mine: (before and after)


Click it for biggie thingy


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Mario's & Terry's new Bazzer's Pros :w00t: :w00t: :kid_smartass: :kid_smartass:

Thank you so much Bazz!! they're awesome eh!! :wub: :wub:



You're so lucky to live in Canada. That maple leaf is really cool. The colors of my birthcontry would make this a rather boring mirror effect

Black Gold

Red Red

Gold Blackconfused_1.gif

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Works for me John, it is only a comon old Blue B wingtipping inn the Snow.

But WOW, is it catchig the light just right. That Blue looks ELECTRIC.

You just GOT to see it, fantastic picture.

(now do you see how we feel when you tease us by being late with the draws on Kitelife :P )

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