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  1. Those stakes are good to look at.
  2. Home now, was nice to nod and natter to a few folks.Looking forward to the next One already.
  3. Baloo


    At least I got a reaction :-)
  4. Baloo


    Of course you could take the Obliviots view, why do you put kite lines across where they are going to drive / ride horses sail thier boat etc. Ducks for cover
  5. Wow, a smile from Ben, almost worth having your car break down Good to have your family around you though and that it all worked out in the end.
  6. John gets a bit exited when another Neos turns up. How many do you recon you know aboutnow John? Maybe if somone wants a bit of history they might do a swap with Oats for a kite that might suit his needs better. If he was interested of course.
  7. You know I always want you to go that One better Spence, Pro set matching would be great. I was thinking about the Black Red colours maybe reversed for kite to kite in the stack.
  8. Rock n roll Ben. And ditto your God Bless.
  9. Seen him fly it, talk about traction.
  10. I find many things inspiring. To carry on in the same sort of line, and I know this will not only apply to the UK and USA, there are many other Countries who are equally proud, even I am sure some of the ones we might have been in conflict with. A lot of you will know that I work for Land Rover teaching off road driving. There is an organisation in the UK called Help the Hero's, well Land Rover and Help the Hero's got together and put on a Day for injured ex servicmen. It was an awesome time, there were a group of folks with them that help them in Day to Day living and they were in tears, I am welling up even now typing this. They said it was the first time they had seen some of the traumatised ex servicemen smile since their injuries. It was fantastic, there were a few who had poor or no sight at all, and with a bit of coaching from us they were driving round our off road tracks better than sighted folks. There was one chap, no eyes, and no legs, only the use of one arm. We got a Range Rover Sport and put hand controls in it, he drove round easy as you like, his Dad was in tears, when we asked why he said he never thought he would see his son drive ever again. The guy and the instructor almost fell out of the car laughing at one stage, the instructor had said "put your foot on the brake" to which he replied "I can't my feet are in the back of my Dad's car" It was a FANTASTIC Day, most of us gift aided out Days wages to the charity.
  11. Didnt notice about the last kite being reversed, just go's to show, even the best of us can make mistakes. Bet if you look close the rods will be on the wrong side too. However if JB or Spence reply I bet they will come up with some sort of lame excuse about being able to read the Rev LoGo from both ends.
  12. Hi Ben, great idea. Are they going to be in the traditional Watty colours? Maybe Watty and revered Red Black?
  13. Although I live fairly close to you Blackheath would be a good plan. I remember driving Hours in a Snow blizzard to meet JB in some awefull weather. Could have learnt a lot, however winds were well outside my comfort zone. I do not fly much, although enjoy it a lot. Dont have much time off work so mainly fly when on holliday. A guy in worcester has asked me to fly with him a couple of times, he only lives a few miles away and I have still not done it. So although I will not say I will not fly with you I can not promise. Anyway, you can bet the weather will not play ball when we want it to. Felix and the rest of the Decs who fly at Blackheath are REAL good folks, and used to helping others fly. Also as I said to you in PM, try to get to some festivals if you can. Do keep in touch, you never know, I may be able to help.
  14. I pretty much had to teach myself to fly a Rev, no one else near me had One, so it was read loads of posts and see if I could fly it. There were nowhere near as many videos on here then. Being pretty lazy I thought it was great how you could just stand still and fly. I did tend to turn a bit fairly naturally depending on the attitude of the kite, that is about all. I now find it difficult to move around, do understand about walking back whan the wind gets light and making ground if the wind is more brisk. Watching others fly I so wish I had understood the importance of movement from the start. However I DO enjoy flying and I think that is overall the important thing. We do it for fun, if you are getting stressed out by flying you are doing it wrong, so ultimatly whatever works for you is the best way, unless you are flying in groups then there has to be some order to things. I think if you are a keen dualie flyer and understand the importance of movement with one of those it will only help you in your Rev flying.
  15. I would be only too happy to Bear with you Jynx. LOVE my Zen :-)
  16. Two Weeks would work well for me
  17. Hope you have a good One John. And Many more.
  18. You dont have to link each fiber to another. You sort of open the whole lot up, just like a finger trap, then thread the other end of the line through the middle, if you get what I mean. Once you have pushed the open bit down along the threaded bit it just holds on, there is more chance of it breaking elsewhere than the repaird bit. I have never tried it, not realy looked at LPG n stuff, but it is supposed to be made up in a similar way to the fishing line that you can do it with. Neither it it a thing I would fiddle with in the field, just that it might be possible is all.
  19. Not tried it, or even thought of it with kite lines, however as previously stated it is a tecnique that has been used for years with fly fishing lines. I have not looked at LPG but thinking about it the makeup is similar to braided fishing line. I DO know it works with braided synthetic winch ropes. We use rope as strong as 4000KG + on winches. And splice them together with no loss of strength if needed. The trick is to use a fid, in our case with kite lines it would probably need to be as small as a needle, as above. You need to sort of push the line back on itself, till the threads start to open up, so that you can thread the fid down the middle of the line. No matte if it comes out of the side you can just thread it back in again. With the winch ropes we thread about 4" the out then in then out then in to make it VERY secure, you can imaginr if a land rover breaks loose it is a bit more dangerous than a kite, which would still have 3 lines holding it anyway :-) It can be done very neatly with a bit of practice, and as Jynx mentioned the line is a bit like a Chineese Finger Trap, once it has been pushed down on itself it will never let go. Hope this helps to explain how to do it. Still not sure if it will work with LPG though. Worth a try. Personally I have at least 3 sets of lines and 3 kites with me if I go flying. Dont want to spoil a good wind just cuz of a line break.
  20. Not sure about the Poole area, know some folks who fly near to Gosport, Portsmouth quite a bit. Not seen any of them very active on here recently though. Not flown at Poole myself but been in the area, did drive round thinkig wish I had taken my Revs with me though. Quite a few places looked good for flying.
  21. Baloo


    Looks like Hook, Line and sinker to me, all that is needed now is someone to reel him in. Ooops, looks like that has allready happened too. I envy you scoring that Eyes kite. It is about the only One I now NEED. Should have jumped at it quicker, might have been in my bag rather than yours. Fly it often and spank it regularly is all I ask of you.
  22. Hi and indeed welcome. That is how I started a few Years ago. That was 21 or so kites ago. So good luck with not buying any more. Anyway that is a very selfish attitude, how on earth are all the kite parts suppliers, manufacturers and shops going to survive without help from nice folks like you. I would also reccomend you could do much worse than to take out a subscription with Kitelife.com there is more info on dual lines on there, not saying there is none on here but we do lean towards Rev kites, not quite sure why. Oh yes just remembered it is the Rev forum isnt it!! As a member on Kitelife you will have access to absolute shedloads of tutorial type videos to freely download. Both dual and quad line. You need to accept that you have become a member of a huge family, and as such we all help and support each other as much as we possibly can. One trick I started with was to buy kites the same colour, I only thought that would fool my Wife. Unfortunatly the 3 well filled kite bags sort of give me away a bit.
  23. Never loose the handles Once I get my claws on them. Actually thinking about it, there are not many things get away from my grip once my claws are on them :-)
  24. I am a bit like the clever Hedgehogs, I blame all the mayhem on the Fox's.
  25. Stumling is good, makes you easier to get!!
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