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  1. Thank you my friends! Love you too. <3


    It was really nice picnic lunch!! Thank you Tonet!!


    LOL Katrina! Rev-girls are all great!!
  4. Wow, 2011 is almost done? Can't believe it!! It was very busy year. We went to lots of place, had fantastic experiences. Even if I had perfect English vocabulary, can't express all.... Just I can say, thank you all, thank you Revolution Kites, thank you my love for everything. Hope you all have nice n' happy holidays! LOVE TK
  5. Thank you Barbara, and all who are involved with this effort. Really great help for Japan. Thank you very much on behalf of the Japanese. I will write some about this in the next Kitelife Magazine, giving more info about the earthquake, tsunami and their effects.
  6. Awesome videos!!! Thank you for sharing them!
  7. Thank you everyone!!! BTW, it's been one year all ready!?!? REALLY? I can't believe.....wow. It was hard year for me. English, New life, Lots of travels, New Friends and old friends...... Before I was here, JB always said "Time is moving, honey!", yes indeed.... My English is slowly getting better, life in the US is still a little confusing, but also getting better, and totally I'm happy with lots of my friends and family!!!!! See you very soon, hoping to see and fly together.....
  8. Thank you for everything Cass!

    Say hi to Oakley and Gracy.... 

  9. Thank you everyone. I'm in Canada now. It was very special birthday with my family. I can't wait to see and meet you all very soon! *Lots of LOVE* TK
  10. Happy birthday my kite teacher, happy birthday our team mate, happy birthday our captain, happy birthday my husband, happy birthday my mate, happy birthday my better half, happy birthday my love. Thank you for been born, thank you for being yourself. Lots of love for your birthday. I LOVE YOU Di-e-ski
  11. Happy happy happy happy HAAAAAAAAAPPY Birthday Rich Hope to you have a Lovely day. And I'm looking forward to see you next time! LOVE YOU TK
  12. Saturday's wind was really scary for me, but we experienced a variety of kinds of winds....
  13. Happy Bierthday!! Have a lovely day
  14. MOMO, I'd love to fly with you forever!!

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