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  1. Heh Heh ... Glad you like them Ben ... looked a lot better when they were fresh ... :) See you soon ???? Terry ISLAND QUAD
  2. Family can be what carries us through those hard times ... stay strong . See you soon, somewhere. Terry ISLAND QUAD
  3. On my maple leaf pros I do have Bazzer sew in a wear strip where the uprights are ... It does cost extra In the past I and others have used 3/4" or !'' insignia tape ( available from a sailmaker) on our full sails ... easy to apply ... it works extremely well and appears not to affect performance at all . I am not sure how it will work on a regular B - mid vent but I am sure it is doable ... just shorter pieces Cheers Terry ISLAND QUAD
  4. Aaaaaahhhhh ... gush gush Thanks for all the kind thoughts , and Rich you sweet talking devil I pale in comparison to you :) Remember ... you can't be a beacon if your light doesn't shine ! Terry ISLAND QUAD
  5. Flying in the water ... kind of sounds weird but you get the idea Rapid decrease in longevity for sure Terry ISLAND QUAD
  6. ahhhhhhh Bart .... It would be a shame not to see at Long Beach. I do hope you can work something out , are Paul and candice coming ??? I get long drive thing ... we were in LIncoln City Last weekend 91/2 hrs including ferries and customs . I can't wait for teleportation. Keep my fingers crossed that we get to fly together Terry ISLAND QUAD
  7. Exile We are camping a few minutes away from the beach pm me and we can talk . Cheers Terry ISLAND QUAD
  8. See you there Wayne :) Terry ISLAND QUAD
  9. Interesting topic to be sure .... :) I am what you call a free form leader , as a team ISLAND QUAD does not have any choreographed routines as of yet . We do have names for certain combinations of moves we have developed that expedite things ( most teams do this , I believe ) When I am calling for our team my rhythm and vocal command style is much different than when I am calling for inexperienced team flyers. In most inexperienced team stuff I am always trying to keep the flyers moving, I do not call for much sustain hovering ... it is just to difficult for newbies. I believe the most valuable moves to get a handle on are 180's , tip pivots up/down without losing altitude and hovering in all positions . I do try and use terminology from the rev team manual as much as possible , seems like most are familiar with the terms. For our team we have names for moves that would make no sense to anyone but us. I do remind my team mates as often as I can ..... NOT to go on autopilot . I love changing things up so anticipating what is coming next is risky. The picture i have in my mind is constantly changing . For other leaders this may not be the case. I enjoy flying with other leaders and laughing as we decipher by trial and error exactly what their terminology and vision is. Its why this is so much fun. Cheers Terry ISLAND QUAD
  10. Have never been there before and can't wait for the event !!!! It looks like a beautiful spot to fly Many Thanks to Amy for all her efforts Cheers Terry ISLAND QUAD
  11. you might try "zen " rods ... they are already sanded or vinyl electrician's tape ( of the appropriate width) running lengthwise ... no wrapping involved we run self adhesive 3/4 inch dacron insignia tape on the backside of the sail ... in behind the upright rods ... in the wear area ... works way better ... :) cheers Terry ISLAND QUAD
  12. very nice Paul ... this wouldn't be bordering on an obsession for you and Candice would it ????? oh yeah ... to late :) i am with Ben on the snow although it is mighty pretty cheers Terry ISLAND QUAD
  13. same with Canada ... provinces are like the individual states as in your USA list you may have opened up a really big list John nice idea though :) Terry ISLAND QUAD
  14. we had fun the year we attended .... well organized ... great people and a music festival as well the drive from the island to speedy creek and back was a experience not soon forgotten ... :) all digits crossed for good winds for the event Terry ISLAND QUAD
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY .. Scott i will have to wait for South Padre to celebrate :) have a good one my friend cheers Terry ISLAND QUAD
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