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  1. Thank you so much Ben for the Revolution that you created all around the world within Revolution I hope we all see you soon as usual in all our events Cheers my friend
  2. mdilucca

    The Journey

    I have no words to described It, just thank you to all the growing rev family Cheers Mario
  3. It happend to me too so I'm going to replace all the upper bungies with zip ties in all my kites to prevent this again Cheers Mario
  4. Hi John; Coul you please add: QuadAmigos - Mario Di Lucca and Terry Wiggill - Contact email Terry <[email protected]> Victoria, BC. Canada Thank you so much Mario
  5. Don't worry Sammy you always be my fav Bacon Island Rider Love you Bro
  6. Have a great Bday my fav Island Rider Cheers Mario
  7. Have a Muy Feliz Bday Bro Cheers
  8. Feliz Navidad a toda mi familia revo!!! Cheers Mario
  9. Thank you so much T I just sent a PM to Tonet with the news!! Cheers Mario
  10. Have a great Bday Island Rider !!!! Cheers bro!!!
  11. Hola Tonet, soy Mario. Te puedes contactar conmigo en cualquier momento para hacer tus arreglos del viaje. Yo vivo en Victoria, British Columbia que esta unas 5 horas al norte de Long Beach. Formo parte del equipo Island Quad y seria fantastico porder volar con Bolau en Long Beach Asique por favor contactame por cualquier tipo de ayuda , OK. Sin duda este festival va a ser memorable y todos vamos a estar muy halagados de tu precencia. Un gran abrazo Mario
  12. Happy Bacon indeed my dear friend!!!! Cheers Mario
  13. I love you mi amigo Geezer Have a great Bday Cheers Mario
  14. That Rich guy is an OK flyer and he even passed the Island Quad admission trial with an A++ Cheers Mario
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