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  1. How are you doing Ben?? I have been so busy with the military I haven't got a chance to say hello lately!!!!!
  2. So who still fly's here? I just moved back to RI and I am now a recruiter in the area and want to fly out at the best place on earth AKA Brenton Point! So let me know if your in the area and we can go out on the weekend and get those Revs in there air!!
  3. Well I am super excited because I am coming back to San Diego. I should be there from the 4th of July till the 24th of August. Sadly I will not have a vehicle because I will be out there attending a military school so I can learn to be a Recruiter but I will be mailing my kite bag out to a friend so I am gonna need a little help from the Rev Flyers out there so I can go out there and get mine in the sky in sunny San Diego!!!!!!
  4. Great video Steve. You make me feel bad though, it's hard enough to fly one one now you are making it look easy flying two lol.
  5. Most of mine are matching. I also have a pink B-series standard and vented for the wife. Then the only 3 odd ball ones that don't match are my B2, My original SLE from '99 and 20th Anniversary Rev.
  6. I'll be there tomorrow. Maybe a little hungover because I am celebrating my birthday tonight but I will be there and so will my wife and friend. They are new to flying but the will enjoy seeing other Rev Flyers.
  7. Well I just got them both with 3 wrap but I have Race Rods in the standard and the vented I just go back and forth between a 3 wrap or 4 wrap depending on how strong the wind is. I have to say after flying my pro today there is a noticeable different in how smooth it is. I don't get the fluttering from the wind when I put the power on and it just seems so smooth. Great job John and Bazzer. My hat goes off to the both of you. Another great kite that I will enjoy for years!!!
  8. Thank you! I am super stoked about them. About to head out to the beach right now for a test flight!
  9. Ah I am pretty motivated about what I do but I need something a little different and when I saw all the different colors in this kite I just had to have it!!
  10. Well just added a few more to the bag!! +1- B-Series Pro Standard +1- B-Series Pro Vented +1- B-Series Standard +1- B-Series Vented Woot woot!!! Gonna have to get myself another Rev bag soon!!!
  11. Finally got home and opened up my box with my brand new Pros!! I love all the colors. Got myself a standard and vented!!!
  12. That sounds good to me. I go down there every Sunday for the most part but I will make sure I am there. Make sure you have you 120' lines!!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday!!!! I am glad that I still have a little over 24 years to go!!!
  14. I am coming home from San Diego and will be out on the beach all of Sunday if anyone wants to come fly. I will be breaking out my brand new Pro's!!!! I will post some pictures later that night!!
  15. Well my wife let me know that my Pro's just arrived in the mail so as soon as I get home to NC I will put a picture of my set up on here. I am so excited!!!
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