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  1. We are truly devastated by the loss of our friend and teammate. Words do not suffice...
  2. Sounds like a great time. I so wish I could be there.
  3. That's pretty much what I do. There is so much overlap for when you can use what frameset, I don't worry about it unless I'm having difficulty staying airborne, or seeing a lot of flex in the kite.
  4. Standard sail and comfortable running shoes.
  5. Sometimes they're oblivious, sometimes they're not. There were those that would get in the way (usually the surfers) on purpose, I thought. They didn't like us on their beach, and would go where they wanted to go just to show us it's their turf. More so on Monday when there wasn't any tape up to define the field, but early on Sunday there were people knocking down the tape and their supports on purpose. On Friday, the some spring breakers were throwing a whistling nerf-like football, and intentionally trying to throw it into the kiters and lines of those of us flying at the side next to the pier where the camera is. The closer they got to us, the more the throwers down the beach would laugh.
  6. Some spectator video on YouTube from today:
  7. I think that may be me standing near the center, just before I started wrapping up my lines.
  8. On the plane waiting to depart Tampa... Good grief, that was a seriously fun weekend.
  9. Ill try to do a few here and there...I'm entirely on the mobile phone this year. It pings our Twitter feed when I go live, but they save on Ustream.
  10. Not sure yet...I've got a different video camera this year, I haven't tried streaming from it. I can probably at least do some shots from my phone occasionally. But I've got a new phone too, and no extra batteries yet, video can run you down rather quick...I'll see what I can work out...
  11. I'd like to go to that one some time, but after a quick look, I figured the travel was much easier to TI. (I could only really go to one or the other.)
  12. I'm in. Looking forward to some beach time.
  13. Wish I could have joined you, but work, family, etc...
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