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I've finally started on an archive of Rev tutorials after well over a year of discussion and planning, here are a few...

There will be a few like these available on YouTube covering some essentials, but you'll soon find most of our Rev video tutorials in the subscribers area of our Kitelife forum... Stay tuned for news here as they're added, and I'll also update this topic whenever another of our tutorials is uploaded to YouTube. Thanks all, enjoy!

For those of you who are or become official Kitelife subscribers, you'll find video files (HD 1280x720 and iPod-ready 480x272) available for download at the link below:

FULL DOWNLOADS - http://kitelife.com/...ads&showcat=106

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Excellent job! You made very effective use of picture-in-picture, and had very clear explanations!

This is a great resource for beginners and those of us that still have a lot to learn. I can't wait to try your suggestions for launching flat kites as my approach has been hit or miss, usually more miss. Luckily, I was taught your techniques for line handling and assembly from the start (thanks Brad!), I had less to learn from those. I hope some time to get a chance to learn from you in person if you return to the middle Atlantic states.

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Thanks Especially for the Flat Launch tutorial, John!!!

I was out trying to flat launch from my snow and ice covered flying field recently. Fortunately a random gust filled it up like it did in the video, but knowing this ahead of time would have been handy! Mentally files this away...

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Great tutorials! Best I've seen. High def and very clear sound.

The line management video will keep many beginners from giving up in frustration.

I really liked the PIP on the flat relaunch. Helps to see hands and kite at the same time.

Thanks for all your efforts and for sharing.

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Just added most of the tutorials to Kitelife... You'll find both HD and iPod versions. ;)

  • Line Management** HD or iPod
  • Assembly & Disassembly** - HD or iPod
  • Flat Relaunching** - HD or iPod
  • 3D Flying (catch and throw) - HD or iPod
  • Light Wind Flying - HD or iPod

Videos marked with ** are also available on YouTube.

NOTE: The HD version of 3D Flying and both versions of Light Wind Flying are still uploading to Kitelife, should be available late tomorrow morning.


On my immediate "coming soon" list, as wind and weather allows us to film:

  • Larks head knot*
  • 360s
  • Posture and Hand Position
  • Inverted Hover*
  • Sideways hover*
  • Flic Flac
  • Falling Leaf
  • Side Slide
  • Float
  • Bicycle Rotations*
  • Upright Hover*
  • Tuning Theory

Videos marked with * are also planned for YouTube release. ;)

Thanks everyone, for the encouragement!

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Hi John-

Solid info!

The flat launch and assembly are extremely clear and concise (as was the line management).

New pilots with these questions should be directed to these tutorials. Do you plan on putting a quick link (or whatever it's called) across the top ... where Forum, Members, etc. are? ... just a thought.

What a HUGE help!!

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For those of us outside the USA, this is very useful.

  • Line management verified for me that I understood the text correctly
  • Kite assembly offered 1 or 2 possible refinements for my process
  • Flat relaunching was very useful. I don't end up there often yet, but when I do I've now got something to practice blue_cool.gif

How about doing one on holding a normal hover as well as inverted?

How about something on handle setup and how more/less brake affects the kite and how to adjust in low/high wind?

How about something on sail pressure & line tension and identifying & correcting your mistakes?

The last 2 would be mostly theory and talking more than flying, but I'd love to see it.

Just my thoughts as a beginner with no access to Rev flyers of your level.

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Just slapped this together, primarily to have a single point where people can be referred for the tutorials. ;)


Hi JB-


One question, where will we be able to find this link? Just want to know where to direct folks!!!kid_smartass.gif It would be cool if you could add it to the "Technique" section after entering the main site; if you can't link it above.


Thank you, truly, for all your hard work and passion which helps the entire Rev World!! 10.gif

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I'm liking the list a lot...

With the upcoming skills videos, please be sure to point out what mistakes to look for and possible remedial steps/drills to apply.

If you run out of immediate things to do, I'm sure I can come up with a few things for you longer term plans.

At some point in the future I hope to prove the value of your work by posting a video of myself actually flying the skills presented.

Thanks again


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JB ~ These tutorials are nothing less than GREAT!

Best stuff I've seen and so easy to understand. I really appreciate the inserts showing the kite action during your explainations. Such an awesome link to pass on... Wonderful learning tools.

Wish these were included in the (DVD) kite package when I purchased my first Rev!

I'm assuming T(K)B assisted in the production... if I'm right... she's a valuable addition to the process!

What a team! sign_kitelife.gif KUDOS!!!!!!

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My pleasure T. :)


FYI - I've just added English subtitles (CC) to the "Flat Relaunch" as well as "Assembly and Disassembly" videos on YouTube, friends are going to translate those SRT (subtitle text files - opens in Notepad) into Chinese and Thai already, most likely Japanese too.

So... Now I'm looking for French, German and Spanish as well, if anyone here is fluent enough to translate them for me?

My plan is to have these multiple language subtitles available for each video, even for the HD downloads at Kitelife... Comes as an .srt file that should automatically load with the video when using most media players, provided it's in the same folder as the movie file, with the same title. ;)

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Subtitles for Japanese, Lithuanian, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, French and German are all being translated as we speak. :)

Working on getting someone to do Spanish now, I have a candidate in mind already.

You forgot the Italian. There are a lot of good and potential fliers in Italy.

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