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  1. Hmmmm...having trouble posting a picture. Sorry!
  2. Team Evidence will be there!
  3. I'll try and add some tomorrow
  4. I make leaders out of 80# black Dacron. I fold a long piece in half, thread a needle on one end, insert the needle about an inch past the fold/crease line, and fish the needle all the through to the cut end, leaving a 1" loop at the fold/crease end. Now you have a single length, with a clean loop at the top, to lark's head attach to the handle. Now just add your knots at whatever spacing interval you prefer. Some folks like 1/2", 3/4" or an inch apart.
  5. .312 APA standoff off connector, with a VEC on the .125 stick http://www.thekiteshoppe.com/products/APA-Standoff-Connector-%252d-.312.html
  6. Yes, you can special order the 1.5 model in SUL and the Mid Vent at The Kite Shoppe.
  7. take a look here: and here's a list of more: https://www.google.com/#hl=en&prmd=ivnso&q=randy+greenway+tuto&start=0&tbs=vid:1
  8. Have you seen Terry's video? Lots of hands!
  9. Theresa

    The Journey

    Been thinking about you a lot since you left here Tuesday after WSIKF. Last night as I sat separating a big bowl of dried lavender buds I was thinking about 'my bud Ben' and wishing you well and hoping we'll have you with us at Seaside. Many many hugs to you, T
  10. Yes! I remember you! Glad you found the forum and posted. Yes, lots of great people in the Rev family! Hope you can make it to the LC Fall Festival!
  11. See me at WSIKF. I have wire for you that should work
  12. Oooooo getting anxious to be there! One week to go! Although I know SOME of you are there already!! Here are some teaser WSIKF videos to wet the appetite: http://www.thekiteshoppe.com/news/23/WSIKF-videos-%252d-Past-and-Present-%252d-Enjoy!-.html
  13. Hi! I see you are in Australia. I'm sorry to say that we know there is a difference in metric sizes and US sizes. Here in the states, Watty uses the Blue sized plugs. I do not think there is a metric size that is the same. The next size, up or down, is either too small or too big. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/10825691882956622578?q=blue+drywall+anchors&client=firefox-a&hs=VKz&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49784469,d.cGE,pv.xjs.s.en_US.MpiVkF51mpA.O&biw=1158&bih=623&tch=1&ech=1ψ=GmbzUcu-HKmCjALL74DoBA.1374905912705.3&sa=X&ei=IWbzUZW0BKf8iQLYy4GACA&ved=0CGsQ8wIwAg
  14. Map from PDX to Long Beach. Follow the blue line: https://maps.google.com/maps?oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF-8&gl=us&daddr=Long+Beach,+WA&saddr=Portland+International+Airport+%28PDX%29,+7000+NE+Airport+Way,+Portland,+OR+97218&panel=1&f=d&fb=1&dirflg=d&geocode=IT1cDjiTdtpb%3BKcnWUCVBDZNUMQBpqE3wb9AI&ei=BdTpUdmIG8WbigKYioGQBw&ved=0CDYQ-A8wAA Please note and don't think it strange that you cross the Mighty Columbia River 3 times....
  15. Welcome to the forum! It's funny that John (RevWizard) and I were just talking about this the other day. EXP or right to the B Series! If you're anywhere near George, take Oh oh up on his offer. (wave)
  16. One month to go!! Actually...even sooner for me...I think I'll get there about the 11th or 12th! (making line sets every day till then...)
  17. Available at The Kite Shoppe! http://www.thekiteshoppe.com/products/Laser-Pro-Gold-Quad-Line-Set-%2890%23-x-30-ft%29.html
  18. Just saw this! Next time...when it's raining, snowing, sleeting, gusting to 60mph...we should all go in the condo and have hot chocolate and a mini sleeving clinic! I'll show you next week when I see you T
  19. When I talked to her this morning, she sounded great and looking forward to a great year in 2013! Happy New Year!!
  20. I now have two extra 1 bedroom condo units at Surfside in Ocean Park available if anybody is interested. Each unit sleeps 4; King bed in the master bedroom, sleeper sofa in the living room, two full bathrooms. 7 nights each, checking in on Sunday Aug 18th out on Sunday Aug 25th. Contact me directly for more information. Gone! thekiteshoppe at comcast dot net
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