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  1. Ben, You will be missed on the flying field. Like a Margarita without salt, the festivals won't be the same nor as good. The very best to you my friend. Regards, Tom
  2. I like it Bob ... thanks for sharing. Cheers, Tom
  3. We'll be there Sunday to Sunday ... leaving Monday morning.
  4. Thanks Ben ... and the same to you my friend. Cheers, Tom
  5. Marshall gave you good advice. The only additional suggestion/modification is to find some Rev fliers before you buy your kite. Even if you have to drive a ways, it'll be worth your time. Rev fliers do love to share the virus knowledge. You'll definitely get an opportunity to see what the more experienced folks are flying. And, knowing Rev fliers - and the Brits in particular - you'll most likely get a chance to fly their kites. Ask lots of questions and listen to their advice ... you'll end up with the best "local" answer. Cheers and good luck, Tom
  6. A couple of years back, at Kite Party, Laura pulled out her Zen on a very light wind day. The ferrule had come loose and rendered the kite useless. She had paid for a ticket to travel across the US, paid for a number of nights in a very nice motel, paid for her meals, even paid for the darn Zen ... but, because of a simple loose ferrule, all that money was wasted on that morning. Epoxy is not overkill ... I'd even coach you to go further: 1) remove the dried glue from the ferrule and sand the glued half to increase bondage ... then degrease with a solvent 2) clean the inside of the rod (tube) with a roll of sandpaper or a gun cleaning brush ... then degrease with a solvent 3) apply a thin coat of epoxy to the inside of the rod and the sanded end of the ferrule 4) insert the ferrule, twisting it slowly as you insert it to about a quarter inch from the correct depth, clean off the excess epoxy and then insert it to the correct depth ... then tape the ferrule in place until the epoxy dries. When done like this, I've yet to have one come loose. Cheers, Tom
  7. Let's see ... RV, WSIKF, Rev kites ... then you must have met the Fosters who are also IKE members ... yes? Welcome to the forum and to flying Revs, you'll enjoy both. Cheers, Tom
  8. Hey gal, the very best to you on your birthday ... may you have many, many more.
  9. Jeepster

    The Journey

    Wow ... great video Cass!! Really great video. Alden said it very well ... Cheers, Tom
  10. Hey Ben, you really are late ... for last year. But, a couple of days early for this year! Which is it? Cheers, Tom PS ... Happy early birthday John.
  11. Hey David, the very best to you on your birthday. May you have many, many more. Cheers, Tom
  12. Good ... glad he's getting older ... the alternative isn't very attractive. Happy birthday mate. Cheers, Tom
  13. Happy Birthday Rich ... may you have many, many more. -Tom
  14. Another belated happy birthday wish my friend! May you have many, many more. Cheers, Tom
  15. I am even later but hope you had a happy B-day my friend! May you have many, many more. Cheers, Tom
  16. John, Please add one more to the Rev count ... makes an even dozen now. Dave, from The Kite Connection, made me a gunga deal that I couldn't pass up!!! Cheers, Tom New: 1 Rev 1 ... Sedgwick Cool Fade Old: 1 Indoor ... Custom blue fade 1 REV II ... Red and Black SLE style layout 3 EXP ... Gold and Raspberry 1 SUL ... Gold and Raspberry with black center 1 SUL ... Gold and Raspberry with white center 1 SUL ... Lime and "Victoria Secret" white 1 B-series non-vented ... Purple 1 Pro mid-vent ... #4 Lime 1 B-series vented ... Gold
  17. Hey Scotty, no smoochs for you, but a big happy belated birthday ... may you have many, many more!!!! Cheers, Tom
  18. Oh heck, I gave up on them long ago. Got to be wearing glasses to be able to see them. I think the missus hides them on me so I'll stay home. Cheers, Tom
  19. Not a problem ... Do you own a Rev I? Or have access to one? While you're trying out stacks, you might try out a Rev II, Rev 1.5, Rev I progressive stack. The stack lines are the same length on a progressive as they are on a linear, so it would be easy to switch it up using pigtails on the various kites. Linear stacks are fun to fly (I've also own a 3-kite stack of 1.5s), but the progressives are more enjoyable for the flier. With a progressive, you get to see all three kites while flying. With a linear, you get to see the last kite peek out from the stack once in a while. Cheers, Tom
  20. Oh darn, just roll your eyes, ignore me, and keep on with the discussion about linear stacks. Geez, now where did I leave my walker??? Soon as I find it, you'll find me in the corner with my dunce cap on!!! Cheers, Tom
  21. Remember that the progressive stack that you have assembled flies different than a "linear" stack of Revs. Some of the guidance you've received is applicable to both configurations; fly the last kite, fly at the edge of the wind window for better control, greatly reduce the brake for better control, don't make sudden movements, etc. But, on a progressive, since each kite is "progressively" larger, they all get much more wind pressure than the following kites in a linear stack. That means the progressive stack is capable of more maneuvers than a linear stack. I've purpose built a linear stack of six 5-foot Rev-like kites and a progressive Rev-like stack with the large kite smaller than a Rev II ... this was done with Ben's permission. The linear stack will back up parallel to the ground, but not vertically. The progressive, after some fine tuning and practice, reverses quite well ... including doing a reverse circle. In the middle of the wind window, the progressive is more stable than the linear stack. I see no reason why the full size Rev stacks won't handle the same. One additional piece of information. With a progressive stack, you'll find that it flies similar to the characteristics of the largest kite. When you input a control movement, it affects each kite based on it's vertical rod length. Have someone launch your progressive stack from ground level while you stand off to the side. You'll notice that the leading edge of the rear kite will rotate forward much less than the leading edge of the first kite. In fact, you can almost stall the front kite while the rear kite is still flying under load. Cheers, Tom
  22. NO, NO, NO ... don't run away Cath, come back ... please ... pretty please. Okay Cath, so you've probably seen Alden's sad attempt at building a weave kite. Poor guy got the outline correct, but then simply couldn't figure out the weave pattern so stopped right there. If Elliot built that kite it obviously would look much better, but what percent label would he apply? Inquiring minds want to know, Tom
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