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  1. Great seeing and flying with you again! We were wondering if you would make it. Congrats on the recovery.
  2. I am up to 6, (7 if I count the Backtracker that stays home). 1 x SLE 1 x B Std full 1 x B Std mid 1 x B Std vented 1 x 75% Shook 1 x String-Art Rainbow Gradient I have warned my wife that the String-Art may not be a replacement for my full-sail that is wearing out, so a B Pro may still be in my future.
  3. Nice ones! I love how Icarex comes alive with sun backlighting. The colors really glow with the string-art design.
  4. Yes, that is the hill (Samuel Lewis Park) overlooking the Susquehanna River. More wind than I expected, so flew the Rainbow with a Race frame first, then a full vent, then back to the Rainbow with Diamond frame when the wind dropped. A wonderful day with good friends and good kites to end the year!
  5. Well, this String-Art Rev is amazing. It especially looks great when backlit. Thanks John, Los Hermanos, Lolly, and the Shooks for giving me a reason to get out in the bitter cold to fly a kite. It is also my first diamond frame, and I think I am going to love it as well.
  6. Ben, We wish good health and happiness with this new phase. We hope we can see you at some of the east coast festivals, as we always enjoy your participation. I know Barb especially enjoyed the chats she had with you and wishes the best for you. Your friends, Wayne & Barb
  7. Thanks John, These look great! My Rainbow Gradient is on order and I can't wait to see the real article and get it in the sky. Wayne
  8. James, we should have Rev flyers at all skill levels at LSP in Jersey City on 11/8. I'm sure we can get you started.
  9. Paul, I ordered 3 sets to experiment with my existing light set. RGB for the psychedelic look, white, and amber (to match my existing set). I am hoping I will like the look of light mounted to the vertical spars +/- corners to add to the effect of my Jim Cox lights. Without the sticks the benefits will be limited, but maybe they will be worth the effort. If not, I will have some to share.
  10. I expect to arrive Thursday and stay for the weekend.
  11. Hope this day finds you in good health and provides a fun birthday.
  12. I love it! Too bad I am not in the market for another kite right now.
  13. If the link works, here is a photo of the night fly: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/photo.php?fbid=183854798439426&set=a.183846945106878.1073741834.168435486648024&type=1&theater
  14. Had to return today for work issues. Somewhere there should be photos including some allegedly interesting images of the night fly on the site of "StrongerThanTheStorm.com". I haven't found them yet but I just got home. Interesting weather - rain issues Friday and too much wind for Saturday that kept the big display kites grounded. Better today (Sunday), but still gusty land breeze. Good people and good times as always. Wish I could've stayed for Monday but duty calls.
  15. Have a good time in OC gang! Looks like some nice weather for the beach. I will be there in spirit, not in body. See you in Wildwood.
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