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  1. PM sent! Looks GREAT for this coming week! ...Let me know!
  2. (Busy tomorrow)... Weekend sounds good! ...will have to watch the weather! DON'T Worry about the handles and lines... I have (cheap) extras of both!
  3. Hopefully we can get together soon (on the New Smyrna Beach) and I'll try to explain the process and show you the different (Rev model) options. But, first, let's get you flying! BTW ~ I, almost always, use a standard (non-vented) Rev at the beach so you should be just fine!
  4. Destined to do Great things! Kite Masterpiece design and build is simply one of Alden's skillful talents!! ...and Ben couldn't have said it better "His talents are many but the man inside is golden!" Awesome work Alden! ... Applause!!!
  5. WOWzers! ...Deserving for Sure! Sooooooo Proud of you all!
  6. Mike ~ Are you attending the October OR January TI fest? ...(thought you said January)
  7. He already got my FB wish... doesn't deserve another! (or if he does he ain't getting one from me!) See ya in December Jay!!!!!!!!!!! : )
  8. ...still the same one you've been meeting for years... Silly!!! Looking forward to meeting you (again) too!!!!!!!!!
  9. . . . Dreaming of 100 + ! Only 3 weeks and counting....LOOKING FORWARD to seeing you ALL there!!!!
  10. ~~~~~~WINDerFULL~~~~~~birthDay Wishes Tako Kichi!
  11. Welcome to the WINDerFULL Dark-Side Obsession!
  12. Incredible job, as usual, Watty! Saw it posted on Facebook over and over, as so many peeps appreciate all your video work and the clear and decisive instructions! KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Check-out info on "St. Elmos's Fire"... I've experienced it personally, while flying my Rev, and it isn't something you want to fool around with. I posted my experience here: http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/4093-shocking-experience/?hl=%2Belmos+%2Bfire#entry69879
  14. WINDerFULL birthDAY Wishes to ya! ...Now GO FLY a KITE!
  15. Congratulations on breaking your personal record of "Most Consecutive Days Lived"! ...and I know you'll continue to beat that.... in the Many years to come!
  16. Same here... YOUNG man! If I could...I'd buy ya a Cuban (sandwich that is!) Glad to hear you enjoyed doing what brings you a smile!
  17. WOW! ....Such a deal! IF I didn't have mine already I'd jump on it! ...Dang!
  18. Nice work JB! Seems as the problems have disapeared... THANKS MUCH! Me Happy!
  19. I enjoy flying to music so much that IF I forget mine I return to get it! At times, I'm not sure which I enjoy more...flying or my music! ...Best of both worlds when I do both! Only draw-back, I find, is when an on-looker has interest/questions and I may appear to be ignoring them. Often thought of getting "Not ignoring you...Just listening to my music" (or something) printed on the back of a T-shirt!
  20. Glad someone began this stream... same problems on my end! (Both Rev and KiteLife sites). Sometimes no problem... other times I've attempted to log-in (numerous times) and no-go! (and no issues on any other site I visit) Today I contacted JB and informed him of the issues I was having.
  21. Kissy~Kissy ! . . . May you have a bajillion more and they all be WINDerFULL (just like you) ! Now... Go have your coffee before you make a liar out of me! Ya know I do!!!!!!
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