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For Sale/Wanted room

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Any reason why there's not a for sale/wanted room ?


I assume there is no wanted room because all of us are law abiding citizens. ;)

I guess ebay fulfills that purpose for most. Having said that occasionally you see revs come up on FractuousAxel or GoneDownWithTheWind.com so I guess there maybe demand for such a facility here.

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I think its a great idea ... Personally I've been wanting to trade a 4 meter power kite for a used B series Vented w/ race rods but people are hard to come buy in my area ... money is tight here so buying one is not an option .... I also do dulie's too so could trade a few of those as well for one ...

anyone here up for a trade ? P.m. me and i will send pics

Hopefully im not stepping on any toes ...

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