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  1. Hello, Are there still any rev flyers in Hampshire or Surrey ? I had a rev a couple of years ago but gave up, been flying dual lines on and off. Just got another 1.5 B series and looking for help and tips again please. Thanks.
  2. One standard JB 1.5 in purple/black ordered Gone with the 90lb/80ft lines, 120ft is for mostly team flying right ?
  3. As I fly duel line in light winds also mostly inland woud it be better to get a mid or full vent to use when the wind pics up :confused!: Why is so hard to choose a colour/design arrhhh purple/black or purple/grey
  4. I notice theres not much difference in wind range between the std and mid vent, would a std be better and full vent next ? When would I use a mid ? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, I'll order a JB 1.5 tomorrow then Should I go for a standard first, will this give me the best wind range and upto to what mph max ?
  6. Hi, Are the sails the same size between the JB 1.5 and The Rev 1.5 SLE ? Is it the just the rods that are different, plus the JB comes with two frame/ rods ? If it is then I see why the JB's are better as it will give me a wider wind range.
  7. Hi, Is there a guide anywhere for selecting the correct frame for the wind conditions ? I know there's a guide under the specs but would be handy to have some sort of file I could download to keep in my kite bag Thanks.
  8. Thanks Howard. Hmm can't decide purple/grey or purple/black
  9. Well I'm thinking the JB 1.5 might be better as its slower than the B2 ? Any reason the the 1.5 comes with the choice of 80' or 120' lines and 13" handles where as the B2 only comes with 80' lines an shorter handles ?
  10. Right so just to confirm I should be looking at either, http://kiteworld.co.uk/acatalog/Revolution-1-5-SLE.html or http://kiteworld.co.uk/acatalog/Revolution-John-Barresi-Rev-1-5.html And not this, http://kiteworld.co.uk/acatalog/Revolution_John_Barresi_B2.html Is the JB B2 series new ? As I had the JB before but not sure which version Thanks.
  11. Thanks, so better if I stick with either a SLE 1.5 or the JB 1.5.
  12. That's where I've bought my revs from before, wasn't sure if there was any other dealers around the uk ? What's the difference between the JB B2's and the JB 1.5's ? Still cant decide what to get, 1.5 SLE or a JB but which JB :confused!: Thanks. Live in Bordon, I have met up with a few rev flyers down southampton way a couple of years back when I had my revs.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the replies. Where are the best places to order a B series from ? Would prefer to buy from the UK but happy to order from abroad
  14. Hi, Looking to buy a rev again, I had a 1.5 and a standard B plus a vented B. I would like to get a couple, one standard plus a vented for the high winds. What should I get ? 1.5's or B series again ? There seem to be lots of new sig series out, should I choose these instead ? Thanks.
  15. Purple/Black B series and would probably sell my EXP now I've flow the B. Simon.
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