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  1. Thats also Joe flying in second spot with iQuad, thanks guys he still talking about that. also great video, you could have omitted the guy wading in to retrive his kite.
  2. I have a set just like these, i love them.
  3. Thank you Katrina, my one has arrived home safe and sound! I am very glad for all the awesome people in our kiting community that when mishaps happen people just dont pocket the rewards and say "sorry suckers". thank you again. hope to see you all soon. Good winds, Paul
  4. Having a little heart attack. My white and blue JB indoor rev 1 please tell me this is the one you have. I think think it might be a green zen sleeve. But the kite is white with one blue wing and zen rods. Its the only one in the world like it.
  5. I thought I was a celebrity flyer.
  6. I am in the process of designing a chainmail sail. What color shall I paint yours Rich?
  7. But you do have some nice spots for boating nearby.
  8. any video of the black and lime in the air? I see it hiding in the corner of the one video.
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