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  1. Headin back to San Diego myself for good I hope. All the others have posted the best answers already. The whole city is a haven for all outside sports. Frozen in N.Dallas right now. Can't wait to be home.
  2. Wonderful soundtrack. What is the name of this group???
  3. If you want to get "towed" around, go with the shockwave. I fly a Supersonic a lot. Fast and fun in high winds but don't have to fight it when the winds gusts.
  4. You can be awakened from a sound sleep by the sound of wind chimes tinkling in your back yard and wonder where a lighted field in the area is.
  5. Had all the same problems at first, till I shaved my head. Hovering like a champ now. Sorry bout that one. Practice and more practice along with all the tips found here helped me the most. Don't own a EXP but my SLE full vent seemed to help me learn easier than my B-series or Rev II. Carry on
  6. Thanks, knew the gang would come through. Can't wait to use my 24' on my Supersonic when the winds come back to Texas.
  7. Hey Rev ers: I don't read about it or see it much, but using tails is something I just started having fun with. Any input from the masses would be a help. Length of tails, singles or doubles, attachment points, etc.
  8. WOW!!! What a show of skills. Can hope someday to even come close to it. Thanks for this one.
  9. I'd go with a Rev II. It has become my favorite to fly when conditions are right. Great to fly in 10-15 range. Then I switch to my supersonic for a stronger frame to handle winds higher. I have a B=series, a 1.5.
  10. Found the pic I wanted from RevFlyer.
  11. Hey Revers; Can't find the post with the picture of how to run anti snag lines on a Supersonic. Can whoever posted it re=post with some info? Thanks in advance
  12. Hey all; Just wanting to know from the long time users about what fabric changes that have come along, and what year they happened. Reason being I bought a used Rev II and it is obviously not the same fabric as the new ones. I want to buy a Supersonic and fly it in some strong winds, so I want to see if the newer models are more durable than the older ones. Bridle differences if any. Thread used and so on. Anyone have a answer to this?? Thanks
  13. Hey you're on your way to full blown addiction. The learning curve is a "whippin" til you get through it. I got lucky and found someone real close to me that helped with all the things I could not get clear on in words. Do as much research as you can. Lots of helpful folks in this TRIBE. Stick with it.Totally worth it!!
  14. Good to hear this about the lines. makes ordering them easier. Great tip on the "anti-snag line. Any little bit helps I guess when these babies start spinning!!!
  15. WOW I never gave much thought to using different line strengths, makes sense though. Custom line sets are offered from some vendors, so it should not be a problem. Thanks.
  16. Good to know. I remember my first try at launching my Rev. WOW what mess. Took three hours to untangle the lines. Hope the DVD gives me more helpful things as well. Inverted launch or LE up launch, things like that. Thanks to you both.
  17. Thanks for the race rod input. I have a set of 9"s, just was not sure of the strength. I saw a vid and the pilot was use Blast handles to fly the supersonic on. Must just be a preference thing. Thanks
  18. Hey Rev'rs; I am wanting to get a Supersonic over the Shockwave as suggested here. My questions are: Do I need to go to 150# X 100ft. lines? Will be flying on 13" custom handles made from aluminum rod stock not tubing, so they should be strong enough. I also thought of race rods over the SLE 7/16". Will they be strong enough?? Any opinions on this set up or other suggestions are welcome. Kimbo
  19. Thanks for the heads up on the supersonic. The Rev II at high speeds on 80 ft. lines is a real handful for me already. More research I think. Hoping to find someone local who owns one to try, but no luck so far. smooth winds to all. Kimbo
  20. Been having a ton of fun in the high winds here in TX lately with my Rev II. Got me thinkin about flyin the Shockwave. Any of you Rev'ers out there want to add your opinions?
  21. The que stick case are awesome but too short for Revs. Would have been a great idea if they were only 36 in long.
  22. Ah que sticks are something I never thought of. I have been using the flyrod case and it work GREAT!!. I think I could fit 6 revs in it stacked two rows of three side by side. I;ll try to post some pix when I get it all put together.. Peace
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