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NOW AVAILABLE: New Historical Revolution Masterpiece


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Wow John, you sure know how to wind folks up.

So it looks like it will be made form some new Alien form of tecnology that Rev have just found.

Completly see through, but with a new layout that lets you see the highlighted parts of the sail, only when seen against a white fluffy cloud background.

Wow. :kid_devlish:

Look forward to seeing it. Or maybe not seeing it depending on the weather. :)

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John your just being wrong......kid_smartass.gif Okay gang here's what the deal is going to be, John has but together a really cool kite that is the history of Revolution kites,

and our friends in Spain are doing the printing and they are cool very,very, cool.........blue_cool.gif There will be a total of 25 kites and 5 of these kites will go to very special

people who have helped Revolution over the years, the other will go on sale as a direct buy item from me for the price of $325.00 US with any frame you want.

Another thing is I will be having all three of the brothers sign and date each one, as many of you know we have not had the honor of Jim signing anything in a

long time so these are really special.......blue_cool.gif My best advise is to call the office and put your name on one of these, or maybe 2 one to fly one to show, cause my

thoughts are they will not last, also so you know after these 25 are made the template will be destroyed so these will never be done again...... So Family we have

19 up for grabs cause I know one person for sure who wants one, so call the office get on the list cause when there gone they are gonnnneeeeeeee......Benblue_cool.gifblue_cool.gif

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The new Historical REV has finally come out of the clouds(and the puzzle).

This one will really light up the sky for you whether it rainy and gray or bright blue and sunny.

As some of you suspected it does look a bit like Ben's beautiful one and only blue Historical Rev which I designed last year.

The background colors were taken from a beautiful golden sunset that I took pictures of in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Revolution logo has been given the effect of being carved out of the material.

Each Revolution on this Historical REV are photos taken by me.

The photos you will find on the curve going from left to right are:

- 1988 Neos Omega

- 1989 Revolution I Classic

- 1990 Revolution I Rainbow

- 1990 Revolution II Basic

- 1990 Revolution II Classic

- 1991 Revolution II Rainbow

- 1995 Revolution 1.5

- 1997 Revolution I Neo-Classic

- 1997 Revolution I A-Symmetric

- 1997 Revolution II Neo-Classic

- 1998 Revolution 1.5 SLE

- 2001 Revolution 1.5 SLE

- 2002 Revolution 1.5 SLE

- 2006 Revolution I vented

- 2009 REV 1.5 John Barresi_Pro

- 2010 ZEN

Upper left is a REV 1.5 USA Flag by Barry "Bazzer" Poulter

Lower right is a 2001 Rev Indoor

This was not an easy project, however it was a lot of fun. In particular it was fun crawling through the deep dark vaults of Revolution to find some of these kites to photograph.

The design was performed using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and a lot of training on those products.

We have received photos of the first sail printed. Everything is perfect and the colors look great.

Check out Ben's blog above for even more details.

So folks, Here is the design on a real sky background.


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