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  1. No vacation, planning a move, looking into a new better job. I think that covers everything. Have fun out there to all who are going to wsikf .
  2. It was never assaulted, maybe harassed, and retrained. But I'm very pleased with the new editions. Still haven't had a chance to pull out the full vent, but the tracking on the midvent is awesome.
  3. Ty folks, and yes Alden I'm still around just way the heck down here in Tx.
  4. Hey Steve, Been working, a lot, and hoping this weather cools down a little here in Tx. How are things up in NJ?
  5. Well the wait is over, I finally got my new kites in. Bazzer, you did a wonderful job on the color scheme.
  6. Rev and all associated always shoot for top quality, I'm looking forward to seeing the three new additions to my kite bag pretty soon. Hey Baz did you or lolly do the color choosing?
  7. From the look and shape of the landing platform there, ya must have had a gust that caused and impromptu landing on a sharp edge at the top left or right side. I usually go for a tip stand on stuff like that myself, but if a V landing it is, you got it down pat man.
  8. It's pretty hard to change the rotation while in the axel, but once you get the hang of it you can change the rotation after you complete the first axel and start an alternating axel cascade. But it takes some practice.
  9. Hmmm decisions, should I comment on the kite, or the kite stand?
  10. John, I have met with one of the people from Dako, but as far as I can tell they are pretty insular, and normally gather for the occasional fun fly/ the one or two events that happen in north Tx a year. I'm looking for more of generating a little more waves then that. Every time I go out flying, either duals or quads, I get people showing interest. If the local org is only interested in doing a few things here and there it's going seem a little moot to me. As you know I'm an avid flyer, and I would like to get more people in my area interested. I'll probably finally get my AKA stuff so if I can get this off the ground and I will at least have some insurance to help out for anything over the top. (now if only that applied to damages to custom kites lol.) Any more input would be nice, heck who knows maybe if I can get enough people involved I may find a way to sponsor iquad to work a day or two into their schedule to do a clinic, though I think that may take a bit of time an effort before I can even get that a 10th of the fruition I would like it to be. Danny
  11. Okay, I'm looking for input here. I'm out here in north Texas in the DFW area,and I have noticed that well, there aren't many fliers out here, it gave me an idea. I'm thinking that I might want to start getting people into flying bydoing some formal instruction. Albeit I know I'm not the best flyer out there,but I know I can train people in duels and quads. I know I will need to increase my kite collection a bit to facilitate this. But I'm really just looking for input here folks. Anybody who has done this before, what do I need to do to get this off the ground. Currently my new job gives me three days offa week, and it pays a bit better than most of my other jobs. I just need toknow, what is good marketing to get people involved, if there should be a feefor formal training, or just a "rental fee" so on and so forth. Any Ideas would be appreciated, as I'm kind of out there on this, and it looks like it's one of the few opportunities I will have to get better at kiting and get more people involved in this area. Let me know whatyou folks think, good or bad, and bounce any ideas you think would be interesting. Danny B. Dude, cut and paste from a word doc is working weird, lost spacing between words.. if that is a security measure it's different, slightly effective, but highly annoying.. lol.
  12. Happy Birthday Ang, I hope it is a great day for you, and you get to relax a little bit and enjoy the day.
  13. Happy Holidays all, Hope it's a great time for all.
  14. A new frame for my B series... oh hold it you mean what I want to see rev do this year, Other then flourish even more, there isn't much i could think of that the capable staff at Rev can do on their own. Danny
  15. Happy Birthday Antman, hope you had some fun.
  16. My Addiction is saying, " you just got a new job, so how long till we can blow a paycheck in one phone call maybe two checks"
  17. I like that color scheme, really cool.
  18. Okay, that was a pretty awesome ballet, I can see why you won. Very fluid movements, the transitions were really well tied in. Really really cool performance.
  19. Okay, I normally max out spatial acuity tests, so the puzzle was a little easy, if you open to a new window and let your mind wander for a tick.
  20. Just a guess, but the mystery will unfold when the time is right, that would just be me though.
  21. Happy Birthday Bazzer, Hope it's an awesome day for you.
  22. Conner did awesome on that. Really awesome.
  23. Well these look pretty nice, since I have eaten through another frame, by shear luck and flying a little to aggressively in the wrong wind this might be the ticket I need. Now I just need to get the fundage up. Good job Ben. Danny
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