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  1. Dano


    Pretty much all i needed to know, right there. Thanks Kent! Leeme see what we're planning around Thanksgiving.
  2. Dano


    That easy... Thanks buddy!
  3. Almost 10 revs away from being my first.. but Dano is looking to get himself an Xtra vent, and doesnt know where. He's asked Bazzer himself, but was told he had none, so what's a guy to do to get one ordered ? Thanks, -d
  4. My trips to Vegas to visit the in-laws are always planned around visiting my friend Kent at AWOC & the friday night fly. Thanks for the add'l park info you posted. Missed meeting you during my last visit May 15th, maybe in the Fall when it cools down again. -dano
  5. No harm, no foul , Just glad Laurel isn't a felon.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking she might have been a felon.
  7. And it flies even better at night. Try it! I was surprised how the different shades of black flicker in the light. :>)
  8. I drive about 9 hours to stay in Florence for a week once a year in August. I really like the winds on either side of the jetty, but actually prefer the beach 200 yards from the house, right by Driftwood Shores. Quite often i've seen a few other flyers there too. Best part for you is, you're a lot closer than me. you ought to check it out sometime.
  9. I thought Kent explained it quite well... and covered your point of disagreement too. "Pull the lines tight against the first stake and stretch them out good." burning a line before or after sleeving is really a moot point isn't it But as you said. "to each his own" PLEASE, don't ask which line is better, Jose.
  10. yep John, more confused now than when i started. Actually my question came from when i stopped in Lincoln City coming back from WSIKF. The guy in the kiteshop told me the older bridle has a longer pigtail for the line attachment on the top or the bottom, and the newer ones had it switched the other way. I just couldn't remember which it was he said was longer on the older bridles, THE TOP, or THE BOTTOMS. But in any case, i assume all the newer bridles are not made with that heavy (200-250#) line, which that alone would certainly be an improvement. My next step will be to swap the SLE with some 2wraps. I just need to plan me a long drive down to Vegas for a Friday Night Fly, and a little shopping in Kents Store.
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