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The "History In Flight" Series


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This is the new "History In Flight" series which will be a printed kites done by our friends "Los Hermanos"......cat_lol.gif The first one we have done is the P-51 fighter which played a huge role in keeping the skies safe in WW 2, as you can see this also comes with a matching custom carry bag and is called "The Dog Fight"....... So enjoy and lets always remember that this is just the beginning of a whole new series of kites....... Ben ani_victory.gifani_victory.gifani_victory.gif







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P-51 Mustang ! Nice aircraft or as we called aircraft in the Royal Air Force "KITES", that applied to anything that flew by the way!

Now what is wanted is the Spitfire and Hurricane and offer a set of them to "The Flying Squad" and rename to

"The Flying Squadron" ani_victory.gif


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Alden - look close at the markings!! It's a German plane - probably a ME-109!

The Corsair is a gull wing craft, not straight wings! Remember the planes used in the TV series about the "Black Sheep" squadron? Most, I think, were Navy planes and painted dark blue!

I would say a BF 109.

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Corsairs were Navy, and flew off of carriers and some bases in the South Pacific battles.Luftwaffe Bf-109 is what is pictured on the left(googled it) Correction:Messerschmitt Bf 109 or as they were most often called me-109.


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