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  1. Thanks Wayne hope to see you this weekend my son and will be there today
  2. Happy Easter everyone ..from the wildwoods
  3. No way. my flying has been limited due to some health problems and a lot of life changes as well.I do fly my back yard.those who know me know my backyard. to comfort my brain of my everyday stresses .this is one of the things that I can never stop as a true kite addict that I am ..I flew my stallion yesterday and it still looks so beautiful in the wildwood skies.i still have my ol skool rev bag that is always by my side..one kite in my bag that my daughter loves Is my pink kitty ..not more then me however.im forever greatiful for all of you who enjoy the winds as much as I do.the photo here us in 2006 when I got my stallion..today it's still flying as well as always.one thing for sure I never forget all of you who I have flown and got to know as true friends I hope to hear from you all I miss you guys and girls of my flying family ..just wait my son Ethan is ready to fly as he has caught the rev fever
  4. What's up my fellow fliers I have been down and out for a while I had some life issues but I'm still here now that I'm back on my feet my son and I have been flying he is getting good on the revs and this year in wildwood I hope to have him and I on the beach flying ..It's such a great thing to see after all these years of flying to be doing it next to my first born ..nothing like it ..I have flown next to many but nothing like my little man who I hope will carry my love of flying into the future ..for those who know my stallion is now 12 years old and still flying strong I miss all of you and drop me an e mail. [email protected] love and smooth winds to you all
  5. All I have to say is this WAZZUP😂 to my family
  6. What's up my fellow fliers I've been down and out between work and haveing surgery got checked for cancer and all is well I miss you all and I'm going to break out the kites and come fly in my backyard you all have been the best and Im truly thankful for everything you have done for me the gift of flight is truly the best and as long as I stand I w fly untill I die
  7. I still love flying my hello kitty that kite is great and my daughter Ashlyn wants it at the beach and the fields everyone loves it I am so excited to have this kite it has been very great to me as I remember Alden and the gang dressing me up in pink for that weekend HELLO KITTY
  8. Nice photos Carolyn glad to see that you made it this year even if you were there for 3 seconds it's better then not seeing you there at all
  9. Another great festival and this one is because my son Ethan was there loving every minute he learned on a dual line and finally a rev today within 2 hours he has been flying very well I have to say this was the best weekend ever and It is because after all the great fliers I've flown and met nothing can take away the feeling of being out there flying with my son he loves you all and loves being a member of our family
  10. Hello to all long time no see glad to see that my back yard will be filled up once again last year I couldn't make it do to some home issues but now things are back to normal the stallion will be there as well she is flying good and strong can't wait to see you guys once again I was out there today and the beach is looking great after all the sandy repairs 1 more week Yay
  11. Really nice a great detailed sail that has the bird floting in the sky look Scott is an indoor master so if he is behind this I will be a true new life to the rev collection
  12. antman

    Lolly Year End

    Merry Christmas to you lolly and to all of my rev family
  13. That is hot love the design as always wow
  14. Well I'm gonna try to get out there I'm bummed out that I can't make it but this has been a really busy year for me a lot of home repairs and upgrades as well like Carolyn said this is the best world to be in with such great people I have met a lot of good friends in kiting that's one of the reasons I love it so much
  15. yet again time is on our side this year my stallion turns the big 7 I cant wait to see you all again I need to get out and fly that's for sure
  16. All cleaned up and good to go the beach is a mud pit so I've been hitting my local fields after the holidays I think it's time for some new kites espicly a mega vent my cellar took on water but thankfully I had flood insurance so all was not lost just a reminder to all who live by the water be prepared some in or state are still with out power and damaged homes we have made donations for the sandy funds we are very lucky this time but living in wildwood does have its ups and downs I still love it here
  17. Storm is pretty much done still getting rain but the worst is over it was all of u watching over me my family . At o e point the winds were 120 mph I wonder if a mega vent could handle that he he he well as always after a storm gotta clean up the mess
  18. Many thanks fellas the winds are blowing hard here but so far not to much damage gotta get therugh tonight and then we should be good to go wildwood beach is covered with 12 inches of water pretty sick if u see it in person
  19. Just wanna say thanks to all who have been sending me ther warm thoughts wildwood beach is flooded up to the boardwalk good thing we didn't do a rev clinic or festival this week ha ha ha our area is ok for now but I'm out doing my job working out on the highway makeing sure everyone gets out safely I'm scared for my family but we are used to these storms I will keep u posted as time goes on thanks again to all that sent me e mails
  20. Well I haven't been here a while but Jose sainz has my vote still have my stallion and she is looking good and flying strong great work by him
  21. i was at the 100 th anniversery it was sweet to do a night fly to the biggest firework show possable. Ethan and i enjoyed the night and i said to my self this should have been the weekend we did this festival. carolyn i hear ya work is tough these days i havent had much this year so ive been cash poor and doing it raising 2 kids but hey its all worth it.. Ethan will be there saturiday so come on over and say hi to him he wants to see you all.i have not been here much i really hope you guys didnt think i gave up kiting because i will never do that.its just been a rough time for me and kiting is the drug of choise for me to get therugh it.. cant wait for you all to come back to my backyard. someday ill hope to have a place where i can have you all over and show you like i did wayne and kathy the really cool places to fly here.. love to all and safe travels here..BETRIX A BIG THANKS TO YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO LADY I OWE YOU BIG!!!!
  22. ready for another yearcant wait to seeyou all once again
  23. hello lolly glad to see you getting out of the office and to our side of town i really hope to see you in wildwood someday i want to share my backyaed with you
  24. antman

    Cleaning a Rev

    as always after a good fly i put them together and blast them good with a hose all water nothing else and my kites are all perfect for where i fly them. the wildwood sands are nasty as many know
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