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  1. Henri, is that a stack I see in your profile picture? If so I hope you are bringing it. Steve Polansky is bringing his stacks and I am bringing mine. Hopefully Connor Doran will have his there too. -Alden
  2. I wish I was going, Barbara is my favorite of that pair! I would have been glad to help. I will say this, if she gets bit as bad as you have been then Revolution will be kept in business for years to come! -Alden
  3. I will be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Anyone else? -Alden
  4. Actually, walking foward works. -Alden
  5. There are plenty of rev fliers around. I think the activity on the forum has dwindled because of facebook though. I see this with quite a few specialty forums I like to frequent. Can't help with flying in the UK but there are fliers that are located there that my chime in. -Alden
  6. Sunday to Sunday for me. -Alden
  7. Thanks guys! I am thrilled to be working with Rev and in awe to be in a group of amazing artists that create these masterpiece kites. -Alden
  8. Can you bribe him with a couple extra issues of Railroad magazine? -Alden
  9. Ocean City, MD. http://www.kiteloft.com/MIKE -Alden
  10. Anybody from Rev going? -Alden
  11. I'll be there Friday afternoon through the weekend. Who else is going? -Alden
  12. Still thinking about it,,, Meryl's kite from last year was awesome! -Alden
  13. I checked my pictures when I got home. WIldwood was 28 so I guess that make TI 33. Either way I'll play. -Alden
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