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  1. Henri, is that a stack I see in your profile picture? If so I hope you are bringing it. Steve Polansky is bringing his stacks and I am bringing mine. Hopefully Connor Doran will have his there too. -Alden
  2. I wish I was going, Barbara is my favorite of that pair! I would have been glad to help. I will say this, if she gets bit as bad as you have been then Revolution will be kept in business for years to come! -Alden
  3. I will be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Anyone else? -Alden
  4. Actually, walking foward works. -Alden
  5. There are plenty of rev fliers around. I think the activity on the forum has dwindled because of facebook though. I see this with quite a few specialty forums I like to frequent. Can't help with flying in the UK but there are fliers that are located there that my chime in. -Alden
  6. Sunday to Sunday for me. -Alden
  7. Thanks guys! I am thrilled to be working with Rev and in awe to be in a group of amazing artists that create these masterpiece kites. -Alden
  8. Can you bribe him with a couple extra issues of Railroad magazine? -Alden
  9. Ocean City, MD. http://www.kiteloft.com/MIKE -Alden
  10. Anybody from Rev going? -Alden
  11. I'll be there Friday afternoon through the weekend. Who else is going? -Alden
  12. Still thinking about it,,, Meryl's kite from last year was awesome! -Alden
  13. I checked my pictures when I got home. WIldwood was 28 so I guess that make TI 33. Either way I'll play. -Alden
  14. So this would be a TI record attempt for that beach right? I thought the record in 2008 for TI was 28 and then the following Wildwood was 33. I'll be there with a Rev so I'll play. -Alden
  15. I'll be there. Might even bring a kite to enter. -Alden
  16. Dang, now the 180 Go T Shirts are going to cost more! Congratulations guys, well deserved! -Alden
  17. The feeling is mutual Ben, getting a warm greeting of F*&^ Y%^ in the morning at a kite festival makes me smile and know that Ben is there. Watching the video and being able to name almost everyone in it as a kite flying friend is also nice! -Alden
  18. If you are going Jeff we need to make sure they have a phone booth for you to fly in during the mega fly, -Alden
  19. Low 70's is typical. It can hover in the upper 60s and go as high as the low 80s (then watch all the locals freak about how hot it is). Looking forward to meeting you Dave and Jynx, I've heard so much about you both. -Alden
  20. A few of us are getting together for an informal fly at Samuel S Lewis park in York, PA tomorrow around noon. If you are in the area and want to drop by please do. -Alden
  21. I've got a small yellow transporter that works for me and one other... -Alden
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