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  1. Hi Andy, I notice you are in Australia. If you are near Perth, come fly mine and try them out. WA
  2. I always have a "little" crazy to share with the world
  3. I Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. I am getting back out there and flying. Holiday Flying: Well I actually got a chance to fly twice in my 2 week Christmas Holidays. MGower was out there with me both times, always great company. Both times were super light winds. SparkieRob had his Rev Indoor outdoors on the day he joined me. Even though conditions were light it was great to get out there. Back into It: I am going to do something different to cover my First week back. Because each day had very similar conditions and the same kites were flown in them I will give the general mood of the week and point out the highlights. Each morning I hit the field about 5am and stayed there till about 8am. The Flying week started on Tuesday, as Monday was still part of my Holidays. MGower joined me on field every morning. We got in about 12 hours of field time, and got to fly a selection of kites day. Does it get any better than that? Every day was Zero to Very light wind at the start, but after about an hour the breeze would start up. Enough for the Zen and the SUL. This would slowly build more, and change direction to give us enough to fly the Standard Rev B’s. It was very interesting conditions. With the slow build up each day, it meant there were no sudden changes that had to be dealt with. It was a slow predictable build with not many gusts. The First day was a little worrying. The wind was almost non-existent, but as it built up, the kites and our spirits rose. Each following morning was started off on Gliders, but the Zen and SUL were staked out in preparation for the winds to come. As the winds picked up I would take turns on MGower’s Zen and my SUL. I find them to be very interesting together. The Zen is a little easier for me to float in the lighter winds but it stears a bit slower than the SUL. Feeling the difference in performance between the 2 light wind Revs each day was very interesting. The light winds push my skill to keep the Rev moving slowly and carefully, to just keep flying. I do get tired with light wind flying after a while so It was good that the wind offered more every day. When the wind got high enough the Standard B’s were brought out onto the field. There really only was just enough wind to keep the Standard Rev Sail full. It was good though, Floating and Catch & Throw were the order of the day. One of the days we busted out the Masterpiece kites. These kites of MGower’s are awesome. They can be a bit visually distracting though. I caught myself just watching the Sizzle hover. I went a bit crazy on friday and flew the Rev 1 instead of my B series. It was a great week, of mild wind and excellent company. Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated (they are my reward for all that typing)
  4. With it being my Last Kite-able week before the End of year Break, I decided to make extra effort and get out early each day. Summer in Perth is blessed with Early dawn, about 5am this time of the year. I decided to try to get out there around 5am each day. With A Big week ahead of me I started out strong. But Would the Wind play games with me? Monday: Light winds but good (3.5h on field) On the Field for 4:50am, SUL flying just after 5am. It was a very low wind day staying around 3-5kph (5-8mph) getting to a steady 7.5kph (12mph) toward the end. I got out my SUL on 50’ x 50# line and 15” handles. I also laid out my Rev 1 on 120’ lines. Because of the light wind, I put the Race frame in again. MGower got out his Zen and a Standard B. The winds rose and fell, giving us mild patches that encouraged a drink and some restful conversation. Other times it was enough to fill the sail and let me practice inverted hovers. Tuesday: Ultra-Light and getting lighter….(2h on field) I Ran late, got on field about 5:10am. A bit more effort needed tomorrow. First wind reading 0……. The little wind meter thingie was not even moving. I set up my SUL (2 Wrap) on 50# x 50’ lines and 15” handles. The Breeze crept in slowly, offering me 1-4kph. (1.5-6.5mph) Not my favourite wind range. I worked the Kite in 3kph+ winds but when it fell lower for a while I could not keep the kite airborne. I pulled out a SLK glider and ran it up on about 25m of line, it sat pinned to the sky. I was rewarded a couple of times with gusts up to 7kph (11mph), It was nice to feel the kite holding itself up there. The moments did not last though. After the Glider slowly came down, I knew things were bad. I really don’t like to struggle on Quad, I am getting better in the light winds. I can Work the kite up and glide down to regain ground. I can do the Catch and throw. But I get bored with that after a while, If the kite won’t hold itself to hover, I am not sure I want to fly in that. I got worn out early, and did not have any flying partners, so I called it early and went to work. At least it was a fly and I had some great moments there. Wednesday: Light, but enough to fly on. (3h on field) On Field at 5am. It was shaping up to be a perfect Zen & SUL kind of morning. I got in some great flights on the SUL and MGowers Zen, Mostly drifty kinda floating. Hanging around 4-8kph It picked up enough to get out the Standard B’s on 80’ lines. 7-12kph (11-19mph) Something in me went mad for a second, I dragged my 80’ lines through the ring of a “Dog Stake” And set up my handles right next to my kite. I had the Right Hand operating the wing on my right. It took me a few launches to get a grip on my new viewing angle, it was an odd new perspective. The wind dropped a bit light for a Standard, especially dog staked. Still it was a fun experiment, and I got to introduce MGower to the Dog Stake concept. I flew on the Stake about 3 times, when the wind permitted. Otherwise I flew the Zen and SUL. Thursday: Picking up a bit more, nice. (3h on field) I got on field about 5:05am, MGower and I set up our Standard Sails on 80’ lines. I also put out my Midvent on 120’ lines Dog Stake Style… MGower set up His Sizzle and His Lion/Zebra Masterpiece. Two Brilliant Looking and Flying Kites. The morning was spent moving around as the wind permitted, a Little on the B, a little on the stake, Some time on a Masterpiece. The wind casually moved between 5-15kph (8-24mph). Leaving us to get a whole lot of flying in. Friday: Nice winds, What a finish. (3h on field) It was almost looking like a Zen and SUL day. But then the wind turned up, 4-12kph (6.5-19mph). MGower and I put out the Standard B’s. Got in some nice flying and a few little contact hits. It is a lot of fun sharing the sky, and I have yet to have a kite tangle that could not be undone. I also Put out my EXP on 120’ lines, once again through the Dog Stake. Oh Yeh! The Dog Stake experiment is going well, No sign of wear on my lines. I am getting the reflexes in to help me position and control the movement of the kite, I really think this could be a great new aspect of Rev’s. After a while the wind started peaking at 22kph (35mph), so the 2 standards got switched out for a MidVent and a Supersonic. The winds and our Spirits stayed high for the rest of the morning. After it all: Wow what a week. Almost 15 hours on field, with a lot of that being Airtime. It took a lot of extra effort to get on field for all that time, But it was worth it. I had some Great Company and flew so many Great Revolution Kites. I will be returning to Blogging in the New Year, I rarely get a chance to fly over the Christmas & New Year break. But If I do I will tell you all about it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for Reading, Feel free to comment, and may the wind be at your back. WA
  5. Thanks for commenting bbailey49 I have to manage my time well to do this. Usually I get 20min of airtime in a session, In this week I managed much more. I do not watch TV, I dont go out. I get my work done, I take care of things at home, I excercise, I sleep. All So I can fly every day. Some people call it Madness or Obsession, I call it Commitment
  6. Monday: The Morning started out with some fine Strong winds. I grabbed out the Vented on 120’ lines. I pushed myself to spend as much of the time as possible inverted. Every time I flipped upright or landed, I went straight back into inverted flight. Hovers and Slides. I think it went well Tue Arvo: I only had a half hour to spare, but I continued the Inverted theme, from Monday. It was A good practice in Moderately Strong winds on the Vented. Wednesday Morning: Mid Vent B, 3 wrap frame, 120' lines. winds 5-18mph, bumpy too. Still at least it was an hour on the lines. Not so much Inverted, the Winds were a real struggle. Thursday Morning: I met up with MGower again, he is on Break for a few days. Very Sadly SparkieRob could not make it. MGower and I flew from 5am to 9am.Honestly it was all a Blur. We got a Zen, SUL, several STD, Rev 1, Blast 2-4 and supersonic out, flew everything we could and had heaps of fun. Friday Morning: Another International Meet I decided it was time to start filming my kiting exploits so throughout the session I was checking on a little tripod-ed camera. Now don’t get too excited, I am still learning, so not much of the footage is any good. If I can I will post some later. MGower Started out by rolling out his Pure White Zen. I like this kite, it has a really nice feel and handles the Light air well. I honestly don’t think I do it justice, but I have had fun on it every time I have flown it. I grabbed out my Rev 1, kitted out with its Race Frame on 120’ lines. I am starting to understand the Rev 1 better now that I have flown it in different conditions. I much prefer the 11” handles over the 13” I get a greater feeling of control on them. As the Wind was Low but not too dead it was also a good chance to get the STD B series in the Air. MGower and I put them out on 80’ lines. When the wind died out, I dragged out my Mega Plutz. It’s magic worked and the wind started to pick up. Very soon the Rev 1 needed the SLE put in. The Rev 1 gets a really solid feel when it has the SLE in. I am really digging the different aspects of the Rev 1. Just for fun I switched the Rev 1 for the Supersonic, Nice stronger winds = Much faster Supersonic. It was Awesome. I know I got the Mid Vent out at some point, Not exactly sure when though. My Next week should be a Big one with a meet planned every morning with MGower. Awesome. Thanks for Reading, Feel free to comment, and may the wind be at your back. WA
  7. Thanks for the comments Guys. SparkieRob, Yes please on the Doing it again.Let me know when you are free. bbailey49, I have a free day almost every week. The Practice days are very effective, the Free days are just for Fun
  8. Sorry for the late update, it took more typing than usual, I hope you enjoy my kiting Adventure… Monday: Once again Commitments crowded me in. Tuesday: After the Pain of not flying on Friday and Monday, I had to get out there. I put in the effort to get to the Field nice and early. There was a good Solid Wind that was pushing strongly. I decided to make it a fun day. I pulled out my Supersonic! I set it out on my 90# x 120’ lines to give me plenty of room to manoeuvre. I Flew And I had Fun. I had not set any requirements for Practice, It was a Day Off. But My Fun Fly included many Hovers and Slides, Bicycle Turns etc. All the Moves were done but not in a Practice format. I had to do a lot of footwork, Lots of strong Gusts and lots of Light patches. I got plenty of exercise walking back and forth. It was a Great Hour’s fly. Wednesday: Early morning again. The winds were Mild, but not really low enough for the SUL. I got out the Standard B and put it on my 120’ lines. The 120’ lines are great, even in low winds. They open it up to a broader Sky with more room to Whump! and Glide. I want to get some 50# x 120’ and see how the SUL goes in the really light winds. I got lots of Hover, and slide practice in. My Inverted Slide is starting to take shape. I am also trying to become more aware of my feet, I am trying to keep them moving and Make changes to sail pressure with Forward – Backward moves. Thursday: Western Australia Is Proud to be hosting an International Kite Flyer! SparkieRob arranged a meet with MGower. (Words cannot capture the Shear Amount of Fun I had this day, Apologies Guys If I get anything wrong, feel free to add or correct) Rob was already at the field when I arrived at 4:30am. He was not set up though The Wind was ripping along, so much so we expected to see a Cow fly past at any moment. A quick reading of the wind showed 30-40kph (18-24mph) average with Gusts to 55kph (34mph). We shared a look, a kind of Ok Then. Also it was Cold, well for Perth and Summer. The wind chill was getting in the bones. Out came the Vented Polo and the Triple Vent both on 120’ lines. After a few minutes of flying I was getting concerned with how much my 3 Wrap LE was bowing, I decided to swap it for my 4 Wrap LE. When I went to swap them I changed my mind and decided to run with Both the 3 wrap and the 4 wrap. Rob and I got a good fight with the wind going. It was very interesting conditions to try out the various moves, Dive stops were awesome. Just before 6am, it was time for Rob to collect MGower. I got a gust reading of 62kph!!! (38mph!!!) He left me flying his Polo, about 15-20min later Rob and MGower Arrived. I was flying My Supersonic on 150# x 80’ lines with 11” handles and a Pair of Purple Tails. We did all the greetings and a quick chat, and it was down to more flying. MGower does not have any Vented Sails, so we got him to try out the Triple Vent and the Polo. He also jumped on the Supersonic, which was ripping around in the 35-45kph (22-27mph) (not including gusts). Sure enough about 7:45 am the Wind dropped down enough for Rob to get out his Vented, and a bit later the Mid Vent. Everyone was flying everything they could, I was hopping between the Triple Vent, Polo and Supersonic. With the winds at a more sedate 20-30kph (12-18mph) and gusts of 35-40kph (22-25mph) MGower set up his Blast 2-4 for us to try. It was the one I like, the Purple… It took me a few false starts to get my grip right. Hands right down on the Foam, Keeping the Brake lines in tight. It is a really interesting kite and the gusts were really giving a great indication of the Power it has. When Rob jumped on for a turn the Wind was cycling down. He came really close to running a 360 with it too, it was brilliant. Next Time Rob! As the wind dropped further the Standards and even the SUL were brought out. I am not sure what it got to but it stayed really low for a Half hour or so. I had the Wonderful opportunity to fly not 1, not 2, but 3 Masterpiece kites! MGower has A Vampire, Lion/Zebra and a Sizzle. Wow! We had different line lengths on each of them, which made it harder for us to fly them together, but we had a go. They all have a great feel to them, but I really like how the Sizzle lights up in the sky. I was slightly tempted to stick the Sizzle under my arm and make a run for it… Thanks so much for a Fly of Your Masterpiece Kites MGower. At some point I got out my Stack, around half an hour after the wind had dropped low. The stack got shared around and enjoyed thoroughly. I put some matching tails on it to really show it off. The Wind started to Push through again, back up around 25-35kph (16-22mph). Stacks have serious Power in Strong winds. Eventually it was time for me to head off to work. It was a Spectacular session, with everyone flying everything they could get their hands on. Friday: I got a Quick flight on the MID again. Keeping it on the Long lines too. It was a pretty smooth and predictable wind too. I got in as much Inverted Practice as I could. It was a nice Half Hour. Thanks for Reading, Feel free to comment, and may the wind be at your back. WA
  9. Thanks bbailey49, I spend most of the time on my Rev's, I am really enjoying the Control they offer. But it is good to have something to use when the Weather is not on your side.
  10. Hi John, I have not really gone looking locally for Urban. The Water spots have too many Trees and Bushes to get access to the water. SparkieRob has a Rowing Lake near him. I am Waiting for an Invite to fly there (heavy hint) I will have a look around for any interesting Urban spots. Thanks for the Idea.
  11. Monday: The Afternoon provided a chance to get some Rev Air. With a very strong wind and Solid Gusts it was time for the Vented. I grabbed the wrong lines and ended up with the 30’ on field, So I just went with it. I got some great Inverted Hovers in. I also did some work on my Bicycle Turns. Tuesday: I went in for a morning fly, but it was very dead. If I had a Rev Indoor I might have tried to fly, but I don’t. So I flew a glider instead. Got to my main field for an Afternoon flight, There were Mid to strong winds. I rolled out the Mid Vent on 120’ lines. With the plan of getting some good Hover and shape flying practice in. I got to spend a splendid half hour on the Mid. Really putting the effort into owning it’s moves and hovers. Wednesday: Plenty of wind for the Standard in the morning. Long lines were chosen to give me the room to move. A few points where it dropped low, But nothing that grounded me. Plenty of Whumping Going on. Thursday: Kite Meet!!!! I got myself to the Park just as the glow of dawn was creeping over the horizon. The wind was casually rising and falling between light and moderate. SparkieRob arrived as I was getting my Bag out on the grass. 120’ lines were laid out. Standards and MID’s were assembled and swapped as needed. We did some casual flying sharing the sky and a Laugh. After a while The Stacks were brought out and put on Medium lines. We discovered that Rob’s Medium lines are 80’ while mine are 90’. A little inconvenient but we managed. Mostly with me standing 10’ behind him. Another friend rocked up, He is not into Quad (no matter how much I try to get him into it) so he set up A Duallie. He was having a bit of control trouble so I launched it for him. Boy that was an odd sensation, I have not flown 2 lines for a while. First thing I noticed… No Brakes! He had a good flight, and switched to a Single Line. I got Rob to try an old single line of mine, and once again he got String burn from it. He is always trying to slice his fingers of with my Single liners. As the Sun rolled up the sky, Rob and I Alternated between the Stacks and the Mid/Standard. We only had one grounding collision (which was on the stacks), which was sorted out very easily, I must be improving! It is a funny feeling though, Going from a Stack of 2 Standard sails to a Mid Vented Sail in Moderate winds. The Stack starts to wear you out, forcing your footwork. Pulling you forward and making you drag it back to gain ground. Then you change over to a Mid Vent that you can barely feel on the end of the lines. It was really great to get a paired fly again. Friday: Duties got in the way of Fun and prevented any flying. Next week I hope to Dust off a Supersonic and the SUL, Not the same day though. Unless the Wind is very odd. Thanks for Reading, Feel free to comment, and may the wind be at your back. WA
  12. I will let the pictures do most of the Talking.
  13. Hi all, not soon for another Blog I hope. I Just wanted do a Special Post about where I usually fly. There Should Be a Satellite Photo Shot Attached with some scribbles on it. The Blue Area is my main Kite Field. It is Huge, and the Wind can come in fairly smoothly most days. Sure It can get Gusty and Lumpy, but anything I can fly in is good. I have been flying at this park for a couple of years now and it has become very familiar to me. There is a river along one edge and there is always a fresh smell to the air. The Meets that SparkieRob and I have, take place here. You need Sunscreen, a Hat, and Water in summer, but at least it never snows here. The Yellow area is my Backup. If there Is Sport Practice going on at the Main Field I just cross the Road and Fly there. This Field is smaller in size and has more trees and buildings close by, it is a decent backup but I would not like to fly here all the time. The winds don’t come in very clean. I have had some great Single line Display sessions with an old Friend here. Once you get above the tree’s etc you can nail the kite to the sky. The Purple Glider Field. On Zero wind days when there is Sport on the Main Field I use A smaller area behind the Club house It is not very sheltered, but has a few Large Objects nearby, so it is no good on the windier days, But for a SUL on short lines or a Glider it is great in zero wind. I get a lot of attention when I fly here. I often get a crowd gathering under the cover of the club house to watch me fly. The Sheltered Glider area. This is a Large Park with a little lake and lots of trees. But it has a surprising number of little clear areas that are great for gliders. It is great fun shooting the gliders out between the trees, and getting them to glide back low, under the branches My Work is Highlighted in red. It is very nicely located to give me access to all my flying areas. My work hours can be fairly flexible if I ask Nicely. So I can choose to fly Before Work, During an extended Lunch break or After Work. All in all I consider myself blessed; having all this space available to me is wonderful. BTW, If you have not read about how I got interested in this Whole Revolution of Kiting, I did a Blog About me Here: http://www.revkites.com/forum/blog/17/entry-295-about-me/ Flight Log Catchup: Friday….. I got to the Park Super Early and grabbed out My 30’ lines and my Mid Vent. The wind felt a little gusty, but nothing the Mid could not handle. I got in a Full Hour of Airtime in winds that were dropping a bit low, but were easy enough to work through the low patches. Friday Bonus… The winds were so awesome that when I got out of work early I grabbed half an hour of kite therapy on the way home. The Winds were the most consistent that I have had in a while. They were pretty much perfect for a standard Sail. I decided to mix things up a bit and I grabbed out the EXP I got cheap as a Loner Kite. I threw out my 120’ lines too. I had a great time working the Window, Slides, dive stops etc. I also used the longer lines to practice flying some squares etc. Thanks for Reading, Feel free to comment, and may the wind be at your back. WA
  14. Thanks for the comment bbailey49. I find it best to be prepared for whatever the wind conditions throw at you. That is something great about Revolution Kites, Sizes and styles to suit everyone and any wind.
  15. Thanks Rob, I hope to catch up soon. Thanks Dayhiker, Knowing people read and Enjoy my Blog Make it worthwhile
  16. Ben, Dayhiker, Thanks for the Comments Guys. It makes it worthwhile. I will put together a Special Blog Entry about My Field, Location Pictures and all.
  17. A big thanks to all my Commenters in the Past and all you readers out there. I have restarted My Blog, Find it here: http://www.revkites.com/forum/blog/17-learning-quad-west-australian/ I hope you like it. Also it would be great if you could leave a comment, Your comments make it worth the time and effort. Thanks. WA
  18. I am Back… Did you miss me? Well I have been missing Flying lately. I am Very Sorry to say this Blog took a back seat to everything else that was happening to me. I was still flying for a while, But only when I met up with SparkieRob. But now I am Back into Flying again, Made three trips to the park this week so far, and I am glad to say it has been worth it. Tuesday Afternoon was my first session, where I discovered that the battery in my wind meter had died. I will sort that out later. By Feel the winds were going moderately high on the Gusts but it was mostly in the Mid range of winds. It probably would have been a good time for the B series MID, but I wanted to mix it up on my First session Back. So Out came the Rev 1…. I have lots of frame Options for the Rev 1, It already had the SLE with 4 wrap Verts, so I went with that. I decided to experiment with the 11” handles. I did not really have room for the long lines so I grabbed my 80’ LPG. Because of Sport practice I had to move to a far corner of the field. I got set up. After rotating my handles over 100 times Clockwise I finally got the twists out ( I have no Idea what I did to them when I packed them up, that is a crazy number of twists) The Wind was lumpy, It kept Gusting and Dropping, I had to keep rushing forward in the gusts and walking backwards in the lulls. But it was Great! It is so good to be flying again. The 11” handles were a bit odd at first, but I am happy to say I did not have a single Wing Flip in the session. Previously I would end up with quite a few wing flips. Wednesday Morning and my field was clear but I did not have much time on my hands. The winds were quite strong with Howling Gusts. I decided to grab out my Custom Triple Vented 1.5. For Speed Factor I used the 40’ lines, faster setup and packup. 13” handles naturally. The Gusts would come hard and fast, so I really had to keep on my toes. Not literally, but footwork was important. It was a Nice session, with lots of inverted practice. Thursday Morning I got up really early, to give me a full hour on the field. I decided it was a good time to grab my set of B’s. They are not Pro but neither am I. Out came the Midvent on the 40’ lines with 13” handles. The Mid was easy to handle except when the wind dropped right off. I decided to leave the Mid assembled but switch for the Std. I got in some great Hover and Slide practice, before I decided to switch up to the Mid again. I was really glad I was on the 40’ lines, nice short walk. I got back onto the inverted as the wind started to climb. After I while I decided to Switch the Vented on, I did not have to, but it was there… I kept the practice going, Basic Moves, Basic Positions. Another Great session, with all three B’s getting a play. I am going to start up a Weekly Update to my Blog, I will try to keep them at a readable length. I Invite everyone to comment, It is your Comments that make me feel that this Blog and the Time I spend on it is worthwhile. Thanks for Reading and may the wind be at your back. WA
  19. Hi MarshallPlacid , Have you been flying long? I found it took many hours on the lines to Start getting the hang of Quad. I know I am not the fastest learner, But don't expect too much too soon. Also have you watched all of the Videos that JB has done. Heaps of great tips in there. Now for my personal experience. I find that Using a vented kite in stronger wind is less "twitchy" than a Standard Kite in the lower winds. But this is caused by a more continuous sail pressure, I think. Keep up the practice, and experiment with different methods and setups. It will come to you.
  20. Awesome Dude! Brilliant Choreography, Excellently Flown. Thanks for sharing.
  21. We Did It !!!! With the Help of my Co-Flyer Rob, we got the Supersonic Stack Flying. I think the wind was a bit light for it. Most of the flight time I was moving backwards to keep them in the air. It got very hard keeping the sails loaded, wind was too light. When the Wind came up the Stack flew fast, but felt controllable. I have not flown my Sonics in a while and I did not feel comfortable with them. Lots of oversteer. It will take a few flights to get back in the swing. Rob did some great flying on them too. Hopefully he will post about his own experiences
  22. Monday 17th June: I got to the field and found zero wind. I pulled out a Glider and caught about 10min before a steady breeze started up. I quickly put it away and pulled out my SUL on 50’ lines. I managed to get in about 15min on the SUL before the gusts became threatening. Sadly my other Rev’s were at home, but it was a great session anyway. Tuesday: Winds were shifting between 3-18km/h (2-11mph). Out came my STD B on 150’ lines. My STD has a Race Frame most times. I focused on Sail Loading, Hovers and Inverted Flight, as these are areas I need work in. I was very happy to be able to keep the STD off the ground even the light wind. Gently working the kite through a rising “S” and then walking forward in an inverted stall. When the wind picked up, I got in some great moves. I added in some practice of maintaining a consistent forward speed, Doing Circles and infinities. I am still having trouble with this. Any advice on helping me keep a constant speed would be great. It was a brilliant session, the long lines and big wind window were Awesome. Wednesday: Moderate winds with Strong gusts and long low drops….. Time for the MID. I keep my MID framed with 3 wrap as standard, I decided to leave it that way. I put it up on 90# x 120’ lines. Lots of Smooth movement practice, I am getting better. The wind dropped low a few times, But I was able to keep it moving, to keep it flying. It is possible the STD would have been a better choice for the wind, But I was glad to have the Sail Loading Practice. A very enjoyable session. Thursday: Very Light 0-10km/h (0-6mph) Fairly Steady too. I got out my Pure White SUL, Frames with 2 wrap. I put it on the 50’ x 50# lines. It was a challenge to keep it flying at times, But I was very pleased with how I did. I did some Catch and Throw practice, I find the SUL on 50’ lines hard to catch. It keeps coming down short, so I have to rush forward if I want any chance of getting it. The toss is pretty easy for me now. I can get the SUL out 50’ easily. I used to struggle with that, I am very pleased to see my improvement. Friday 24th June: Low to very low winds indicated the SUL should come out. I decide to give the STD B on Race Rods a go. 90# x 30’ lines were hooked up. I was thrilled to be able to keep the kite moving in 1-3km/h winds. By Walking forward and back, Zigzagging the kite and watching my sail pressure I kept the STD B moving quite efficiently . Catch and throw was also on order, I find the STD B On 30’ lines very easy to do the Catch and throw on. I do prefer at least 4km/h (2.5mph) when doing the throw, I find it glides out easily. When the wind is lower, I have to back up after the throw, to get the lines tight. Wow, What a week! After 3 weeks of not getting my Working-Week Daily flight, it was great to be out there each day again. It was tough to find the time and make the effort, but well worth it. The Winter Solstice has been passed, Yay! Longer daylight = Brighter Mornings = More chances to fly YAY!!!!!! This next week is looking very wet, so it is going to be hard to get many good flights in. I will grab what I can…
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