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Flight Log and Thoughts about My Rev Kit.

West Australian



blog-0140523001361335386.jpgNo Arvo Flight Yesterday, Responsibilities are beginning to creep in on my flying time :(

Well I Joined up to KiteLife… Very Happy about that. I feel that the Contribution that KiteLife makes to the Community needs to be supported.

And all those Sweet Tutorials are Pretty good too :)

I have been Downloading them onto My Ipod Touch.

To Paraphrase SparkieRob, I have a John Barresi In my Pocket.

This morning was nice, Light to Moderate winds when I set up the STD with 3 Wrap and 80# lines

I got in about an hour of Side Slides and Hover Position Practice.

Also doing some Power Dives too, that sudden stop is so sweet.

I was about to pack up when the wind dropped right down, A smile came across my face as I remembered my recently created 50# X 50’ lines.

Away went the regular lines, Out came the 50’s, Frame change on the standard to 2 wrap all round.

In under 5min I was ready to go.

My First though when I was standing there, handles at the ready, “Hey the Rev Looks bigger up closer” ;)

Then it was only a matter of remembering all the Light Wind and Sail Loading stuff from John’s vids....

With A couple of Refresh looks at the Vids (Go go Pocket JB!) I was away.

I was able to Power up to a good height with 4 steps backwards and do Inverted Glides with 9 steps forward. Easily making up Ground.. Yeh!

I got the Side-Side climb going a few times too. All in about 3-5km/h (2-3mph) Ok not super light but Much lighter than my Previous flying efforts.

Awesome Morning. Two Great winds.

I would like to take a moment to talk about my Rev Kit.

I Have:

B Series Blue/Black STD (3 Wrap)

B Series Purple/Black VTD (4 Wrap)

2 Wrap Frame

Second 3 Wrap frame

2 x Standard Handles with the B series Leaders

50# x 50’ Lines

80# x 85’ LPG Lines

150# x 85’ LPG lines

2 x Weight sets for the B’s

Golf Ball stake (Given to me by SparkieRob, thanks again)

(Soon a Mid vent Lime/Black will pop itself in there on the spare 3 wrap, Sail only on the way)

All of this is kept in a Hard case from a Dual line kite I have had for ages.

One thing that is awesome about this is, I can fly with my Kit slung across my back like a quiver.

I even have my Wind meter on the Strap. I can walk around as I fly without needing to stay close to my stuff. If anyone needs the Area I am in I can walk the kite elsewhwer and not need to go back for anything. I highly recommend keeping your kit easily portable if you can.

Of course if You bring a dozen Rev kites with you that’s great too. :)




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Good to see someone else posting here. I'll certainly be watching how things progress. At least these days there are folk about with practical experience who may be able to help or comment. That was not the case back in 1990 <grins>


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WA, can I ask where you get your gear from, does your supplier have just Sails, all the rods etc. and a good supply of stock?

There is no-one here in Tas. so I have been buying from Sydney/Brisbane.

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