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  1. It was raining quite heavily as I set off for Blackheath from Hackney this morning. There had been an indication that showers would clear by 10am. On Blackheath there was some sign of clearing from the west but the shower cloud was slow in moving. We set up full sail 1.5 Revs while it was still raining and were eventually rewarded with blue sky and sunshine. The wind was SSW and steady but nowhere near the forecast 11-22mph. No JMH kites today as it was just too wet underfoot and there was probably not enough wind for the late Della-Porta: Four Squares that I had put in the car al
  2. The synoptic chart was lacking in isobars so I was not expecting much flying today. Zens with green race were ok when the air was moving. The new meter did show 2.5 - 3mph maximum. Having figured out some minimal editing with iPhone video I have been planning to try the GoPro5 on the field again, on a tripod mount. I will do some more work on this but suspect that the best viewpoint is going to be at head height which should be possible if the tripod is weighted. Did a small trial today but will not make it public for the time being due to musical accompaniment! I did lay out the 198
  3. There is still talk about changes in the Pandemic regime but we did get to fly today without issue. The breeze was quite variable when I arrived on Blackheath and it was really full sail 1.5 Revs that worked in the lighter moments. With the Revs it is quite easy to take them all and choose the appropriate one on site. For the JMH kites a little more planning is required. The forecast was for 8-9mph gusting 16-20mph. On that basis I had hoped that we would be able to fly the 1990 and 1991 parafoils together, something that we had tried but not actually achieved previously. I had envis
  4. During lockdown which ended in the middle of May there was one Sunday when the weather would not have been conducive for kite flying. Since then there was one day when there was no practical breeze so we were walking the Rev Zens. There have also been a couple of windy days! Today was very wet, relatively cold and very windy so we simply did not make any attempt to fly. When the remaining projected festivals cancelled back in June a decision was made to concentrate on flying, photographing and videoing the Jørgen Møller Hansen and Peter Malinski kites in addition to our usual low key R
  5. Low flat grey clouds occasionally thinned to fleetingly show the disc of the sun. There was a Northerly breeze which measured about 11 - 15mph once I found the magic key press on the new wind meter! It was initially showing ‘hold’. RSS Revs were fine until shortly after 1:00pm when there was a longer lull which provided a convenient hint that it was time for lunch off site. Terry Riley Assassin Reverie, Tread on the Trail played by Arte Quartett had just come to an end as well… Earlier we had put together the Peter Malinski Yakko Stack with a Peter Lynn pilot kite. I had prepare
  6. Hi Rickie, In case you are interested it may be easier to see the blog here:- https://www.felixmottram.com/kiteblog/index.html The earlier entries are more Rev focused than those of late. The majority relate to Blackheath!
  7. Hi, sorry I had not seen your comment until now. We usually fly on Sunday mornings (as indicated by the dated entries) for a couple of hours. Generally a Rev session followed, more recently, by a Jørgen Møller Hansen or Peter Malinski kite fly... Festival attendance would usually impact our routine but here is a link to our recent activity:- https://www.felixmottram.com/decorators/eventpages/Blackheath_2020.html
  8. The week of the Dieppe festival in 2014 was sunny throughout but we were not there as a team. It was another sunny day on Blackheath with a fairly steady NE breeze, mostly about 8-10mph. Full vented 1.5s again were ‘on rails’, a pleasure to fly. After a Terry Riley piece ‘Tread on the Trail’ we had Bersarin Quartett, Methoden und Maschinen, Composer: Thomas Bücker on the sound system. Quite a change! Some of the silent calls worked very well today <grins>. On the JMH front I was hoping that there would be enough breeze for the 1993 Della Porta: Nine Squares. We had not pre
  9. Another glorious September day, the last late summer burst of warmth spilling up from the south with a light SW breeze. I had been following the forecasts all week again and was hoping for the 10mph that the Met Office had been suggesting. We got a bit less. Even so, it was full vented 1.5 kites that we set up initially although a mid vent was all that was available for an extra flier today. There was a short called session with Bill Frisell providing accompaniment. The JMH project for today was to fly two of the compositions from the late 90s together as Jørgen had recorded them
  10. A glorious September morning with a light westerly breeze, 6mph and gusting to quite a bit more occasionally. Zens with race rods were sparkly in the sunshine and similar to the clouds that started to form and melted away initially. Musical accompaniment from the start was Bill Frisell Valentine, a recent release! While I had originally expected to fly the JMH parafoils today, plan B, in the lighter wind was his 1995 Edo. The 17 bridle lines came clear with only one loop through so the kite was in the air in a relatively short time. Conditions were just about perfect for this kite
  11. A similar forecast to last Sunday but the wind was from the North today and the cloud cover gradually thickened. Full vent 1.5s with race rods were fine again. We did manage to get the sound system set up properly so had the benefit of Bill Frisell for our final flying session which helped cover the background noise from the Bank Holiday fairground on the other side of the A2. Mr. Helicopter was unusually on our side of the road today doing all his trick flying but fortunately he didn’t stay long. It is a noisy machine. In addition to the Rev flying today we put together the Peter
  12. The forecast was for 10-11mph gusting maybe twice that and for fairly dense cloud and that is basically what we got although there were some brighter moments. Full vent 1.5s felt very comfortable and we even had a bit of jazz piano accompaniment by Andrew McCormack. A new one for me and might be interesting long term! For some reason the UE Boom 2s wouldn’t pair up which was irritating so it was a mono playback. I had hoped to fly and video the JMH Della-Porta: Four Rhomboids and while setting it up the wind dropped a bit. When the time came though, the anchored 40m of 4mm polyest
  13. We were not anticipating much breeze and there was some doubt as to what direction it would be from. Our initial set-up of Zen sails turned out to be in the wrong direction for much of the time when there was any breeze at all. I had charged the UE Boom so we had an accompaniment of the new Bill Frisell release followed by a bit of John Scofield. As there was so little variable breeze I did not put together the JMH Edo that I had taken, ‘just in case’. As there was a distictly thundery feel to the weather today I opted for an early end to the session. At home in Hackney wi
  14. It was hot on Blackheath as forecast but the NE or E breeze held up most of the time so we had a good starting session with full sail 1.5 Revs. I had decided that any other kites flown should be simple to put together or even requiring no frame at all as in the parafoils. Having prepared a new spreader for the JMH 1987 Delta I obviously was hoping for the right conditions after the previous spreader break at launch. I might have been a bit overcautious today but we set the kite on the point lines and I selected the tow point one step forwards from the midpoint. I had prepared c4
  15. Lighter breeze today, 8mph was forecast but it was often less. Full sail 1.5s with race rods were very comfortable and as there was not actually much in the way of thermal effect the breeze felt steady. (Quite a bit of sun and I did remember to keep the hat on after last weeks scalp burn!) There were some directional shifts that caused issues when we set about building the JMH Asymetric Stack 1995. Part of the problem arose from some tangling or looping of the sets as we laid them out and checked alignment. I set a peg in one of the power lines to set the angle of attack of the fr
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