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    Not Football. Wine, Food, Cars (Renault), chicks, Music, Books.
    That will do for now.
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  1. Hey Captain, Let us know how your first flight goes or
  2. OK I will try your suggestion but there is one thing which might make it difficult, I am in the southern hemisphere so I assume it will all be the reverse or upside down??? I'll let you know.
  3. I forgot to tell you (Mark) at first I thought you you were just being right stupid with the polarity thing but I tried it and OMG it works, makes so much difference and you can fly so much closer to the edge of the window. There is one thing that you didn't mention, and that is that you need to change the compass setting to true north on you iPhone first or it won't work.
  4. I don't suppose he has set-up the kite backwards, (uprights on the front). Just a thought.
  5. So now (Aug 2013), all the wrinkles are gone and everyone is happy.
  6. Yeah, did look like fun and looks as though it's a great spot to fly, nice space.
  7. We read a lot of questions/stories like this on forums of different types, but never hear the outcome. It would be nice now-and-then to hear the rest of the story. In this case did johnogden and his partner buy another Rev or did they decide on a dual line kite, either way how did they go and how well are they progressing. Just a thought, I love movies with happy endings. John
  8. Sounds as though you are an accomplished pilot and have been for years, yes the forum is great and a nice bunch of blokes, you may all take a bow, something new everyday. Welcome Rick, good flying. John
  9. That could turn-out to be painful, Ow!
  10. I know I'm probably an idiot but how do you find your member number, or is it right in front of me?
  11. Thanks for that info, I don't know whether I'm up to doing that sort of thing myself, but interesting all the same, the no-sew idea is great.
  12. It looks sooooooo good, I'd love a masterpiece model, no hope of getting one in Australia and I think the freight costs as much as the sail. That looks fantastic. Plus..... I was looking at some of the others, and was wondering about the sails. Do the sails have to have panels to help it fly or like the masters, can the sail be flat and made from just one piece of cloth??? Just a question!!
  13. pond44


    It's a bit like parking your car, I love my car and don't like anyone anywhere near it, you can drive into a parking lot, drive to the other side where there are no other cars and when you come back you will find cars parked all around your car. A kite is the same, like a magnet and Obliviots are drawn to it. Actually another funny thing that happens to us (me + wife) is when we are in a large shop or store, we will go and look at a display item or what-ever, no body else will be around and we start looking and talking about the said item, then within seconds you find others start to look as well, in the end there are dozens of people all looking, then we walk away..........am I just a plain old "Idiot". People are odd, you can sit and watch them for hours. And it's free
  14. pond44


    I set myself up on the beach, was about 11am, no one around had it all to myself, a group arrive and they wander, more people turn up and I must say they were a little over-dressed for the beach. Within about 30 minutes I had possibly 15 to 20 people watching and roaming the flight area and I'm just learning to fly my Rev, it has a mind of its own so I new anything could happen, no dogs luckily. Next thing more guys arrive with tables and chairs and bugger me dead they set-up for a wedding right next to me. The writing was on the wall, I'd had enough so I packed up and left. I hate weddings anyway. John
  15. Welcome Steve, just like I found out, great forum for finding the right way to do things. And a nice bunch of blokes. Fly happy, John.
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