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Global Rev Count.


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Hi John,

Please add the following

1 X B Series std[thanks KENT]

1 X 20yrs Ans [Thanks Ben]

1 X Progressive Stack[Thanks Lolly, Ben and all at rev]

1 X Rev 1 vented [Thanks ,,,the bank manager]

1 x suoer sonic 07 sail[thanks ,well just thanks]

1 x rev 1 rwb [thanks DAVE BABY]

1 X Sedgewick cool[thanks lee sedgewick]

1 X BLAST [thank the Lord its not killed me yet]


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1,131 Revs between 93 pilots!

That makes an approximate average of 12.16 kites per pilot.

I already had you down for 12 Jim, no change made. ;)

Opps, I forgot a SLE 1.5 Vented that someone very graciously added to my bag.

So I'm up to 13 with adding a second SLE 1. 5 Vented

Now my wife and I can play chase! :kid_devlish:

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As of May 2007, I had none.

As of today,

Rev 1 SUL

Rev 1 UL

Rev 1 Classic

Rev 1 Vented

Rev 1.5 SUL

Rev 1.5 Vented B-series

INFECTED NOW BUD,,,,,, :sign_kitelife: ,show us a picky of the rev 1 classic if ya have one yet.I love some of the rev one designs and coulor combos.I may pinch an idea or two :kid_devlish:


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