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  1. I have a side project that I have been working on for the last few months. It was somewhat of an experiment with different technologies, and has been very much a learning experience. But, today I am ready to announce the beta launch of kitepaint.com. This is a beta launch, so the project is at the point of usability, but is not yet finished. The reason I am beta launching this is to get some more eyes on the project to find bugs that I may have missed, and to see what public opinion is and how it may influence changes to the site. I am launching with only one product at the moment, the Revolution B-Series PRO. But, I am hoping to add more to the site in the future. Feel free to play around on it, and let me know what you think! Thanks, Watty
  2. Oh, I see what's up. I forgot about my older Rev II, so my count is actually 19, not 18. I just went though the update link in the PM. Thanks.
  3. Ah, found it. I was looking at the first post of the thread where it said I have 11.
  4. Watty +7(18) I'm counting the 5-stack of B2s as five, plus a masterpiece and something else.. vented b2 maybe? Not sure what is new since I last updated
  5. Hey John, I've got an addition here for you: iQuad Red by Barry Poulter Originally owned by Ben D'Antonio. Now owned by Spencer Watson Also, I can confirm that the blue KiteLife and iQuad are in JB's collection
  6. I realized I have not posted mine here. Got the full set, Zen through Xtra vent in the same layout. Brought to you by KiteLife magazine
  7. Yea, I do know a few folks that use the Rev Indoor outside, but I for one never take it out. The slightest breeze on that kite makes it twitchy and hard to control. In super light winds I stick with a std B-Pro or maybe a Zen if I am feeling lazy.
  8. Street/Urban kiting would be flying in urban locations. This usually means that you would be in areas where both the surrounding is obstructed (surrounded by buildings) and the flying area is obstructed (benches, posts, fountains, etc..). I would say that street kiting is most characterized by putting a kite where a kite probably ought not to be.
  9. Exactly what I was thinking. The labels on the old Rev Indoor rods said "Advantage 1.5."
  10. A picture could help too. I'm curious.
  11. I've done it. First time I did it was with a Zen prototype on thirty foot lines. I don't do it often because my left axel is too unreliable, but it is certainly doable.
  12. Sometimes there's a batch of ones that don't last so long. \
  13. I do see one member on the map in Massachusetts: http://www.revkites.com/forum/membermap/
  14. Generally, yea, I think so, but it would make such a minor difference that I wouldn't find it worth worrying about.
  15. Just created a tutorial on how to replace a bridle on a Rev. This process is the same for all Rev 1.5 (b-series, exp, masterpieces, etc.), 2, and 1 models, and is very similar to that of the Blast series or Speed series kites.
  16. You should receive the email within a couple minutes. If you don't get it, be sure to check your spam folder.
  17. Is it just me, or is this not what Wayne was asking? I don't think he was asking for a diagram or for any kind of dimensions. Merely a photo of each of the three kites labeled to have a visual representation of the difference. Hell, there was already a photo posted earlier of a 75%. Refusal of this request is like refusing to show pictures of a mid-vent and a full-vent for fear of copyright infringement. Might as well just not make the damn things if you can't take pictures of them. I'm sure there are plenty of photos out there of the Shook mesh kites; would it really be so bad to grab three and label them as 40%, 75%, and 100%? Sorry, this just seems really ridiculous.
  18. Looks like you've got a nice group of first timers! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there.
  19. Just finished the last final that I will be taking for all of my foreseeable future. There's a profound sense of freedom followed by the harsh realization that I need to figure out how to make a living... On that note, I'm in the market for Web Development work ;)

  20. I completely agree with both of these. As for the rod pocket, I keep my main rev indoor there, and my rods in one of the regular pockets. Another mod that I've done on my own bag is to add belt loops around the upper strap. The strap has an awful tenancy to come off over the top of the bag, so the belt looks keep it in place. Some wheels would also be nice. Maybe even a little remote control
  21. I run around with a rev bag and a backpack. The rev bag, at most, holds my B-Pro set (zen, std, mid, vtd, & xtra), 2 kymeras, 2 Rev Indoors, 5-stack B2s, a spare b-series, a mid-vent b2, spare rods, lines/handles, kite stakes, dogstake, iflite, and spare parts. My backpack then holds food/water, rain gear, sunscreen, music CDs (competiton), and extra line for leaders. I even keep a little bag crumpled up in a pocket of my backpack, which I take out and put my shoes in when I'm on the beach. This setup gets me through pretty much everything. In the past, I've buried my rev bag to use as an anchor to keep a dogstake from coming out of the ground. There's a few small tweaks that I would like to see made to the rev bag, but overall, it holds everything that I require it to, and it is just small enough for me to carry on to any airplane.
  22. Long day today. At school by 8:00, win an award for #nextchapter at the WSU research showcase, hang out with an esteemed author, give a bit of a speech, meet with a client for an upcoming project, arrive slightly late to Spanish class, and get home at 7:15. I should go fly a kite this weekend.

  23. Hey everyone, Just want to mention that as of right now, there are still 5 spots open for the Rev Clinic on May 4-5 in Long Beach, WA. If you are interested in attending, sign up at kitelife.com: http://www.kitelife.com/enroll/?action=evregister&event_id=2
  24. Tying leaders because I am headed to Long Beach in the morning for the West Coast Rev Clinic.

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