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Progressive Stack: Funsized


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that looks like a regular mini stack

Oooooops guess I was not seeing straight after a late night and an early start :blink::blushing:

Still it was cute.

Ant: not sure what's 'wrong' with the bridle for the MPS.

I'll keep testing it when the wind's right :)

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I wonder if that would work with regular handles...

Hi, not sure about the stack working with regular handles (?)

I don't see why not though.

I've just tested the smallest kite "Violet" and she worked well on standard B-series handles :D

She's a right gigglefest.

Laura, Violet is fairly twitchy ;)


More details will be over on my kitelife blog.

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hi choccy.

i got a telling of for saying my wife made me a rev.

according to some people, if it does not say Revolution, it aint a rev.

so you have small revalike kites.

but hey, who gives a dam.

if it flys and you have made it yourself, good on you.

makes it more fun when you see it fly, and it does what you tell it.

nice one.

all the best steve (pudsli).

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Yep Pudders you are quite right.. I shall amend my original post, to keep peeps schweet.

It's like calling a sparkling wine a Champagne. :P

I'm working on another kinda stack ATM so the progressive funsized one has been put on hold for a while ;)

PS couldn't believe the huge grin on my face when the mini kite had it's maiden test flight :D

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So exactly how long is your progressive stack now PP.

tee hee hing ...making them up to a size 1 ... that's a monster stack :lol:

It's up to 4 now:

31" Violet

33" Madge - new super mega vented

34" little choccy

36" Pur

But not flown Madge yet... she's more of a display model ;):blushing:

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