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  1. Hi All. nice one, will be a good crowd pleaser. very good routine. all the best steve.
  2. Hi John. fair play to you, not flown in a while. to much bull£$it involved. at the end of the day everyone to there own, at the end of the day it's a rev. as we all know from post's on other forums, rev hold the monopoly on 4 line kites with there patent. that is why they sell like they do. have a good one. all the best pudsli.
  3. Hi All. £180.00 for 6ft of icarex, bit to rich if you ask me. but you will all buy them, won't you Balloo. all the best steve.
  4. hi all. you can do anything you want at alice's restaurant. nice one. all the best steve.
  5. Hi . make your own, it's not hard. not the most complex shape is it. all the best steve.
  6. Hi All. spoken by a expert rev flyer. in his dreams. all the best steve.
  7. Hi Ben. yeah you are half right, but you can buy a better yoyo for maybe half the price, that will do a better job. all the best steve.
  8. Hi All. the said yoyo does not get a good review. all the best steve.
  9. Hi Balloo. why does that not surprise me. all the best steve.
  10. pudsli

    rev spars

    hi. google and wikipedia are balloo's best friend. all the best steve.
  11. Hi, flew one 2 years ago. rev took there time coming up with this one.they may even do one full of holes, mega mega vented. but that has been done as well all the best pudsli
  12. Hi stroke victim. anything that does not say harley davidson on it. jap or british bikes. yamaha kawasaki triumph suzuki. get my drift, no Harleys. all the best steve (not a hd fan)
  13. Hi Chris. just sell it and buy a proper bike. revs on the tank, what next. all the best steve.
  14. hi all. nice one gary. just leave it where it is in the U.S.A. straight line o.k, corners ohh no. do yourself a favour and buy a rice burner as you american folk call them. all the best steve.
  15. Hi. like play 365 said, get a real bike. that is a tractor, as the sports bike lads call them. now you are turning into a yank, keep them where the belong in the U.S.A. aggh well it takes all sorts. all the best not a harley fan steve (pudsli).
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