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    For all those that feel the B2 is too fast or twitchy.... Wind was way past Xtra vent or Polo full vent, so I pulled out the B2 vented on 50' LPG 90# line with a 4-wrap frame ... strapped the GoPro to my head and went for it.
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    Look,, there's no way around it, if you fly a kite often enough it will eventually wear out too. It's made light weight, so durability is always a secondary factor. Enough hours of UV radiation, sand, your own abuse plus giving occasional lessons,.... These items assure you that everything will fail eventually. For me, I get about 2-1/2 seasons from a full sail Pro kite (and a Zen too) before it needs to replaced. Mid-vents last probably 4 and full vent will last me for at least 6 years. These kites are very seldom used locally, where most of my hours will be spent. You can blow smoke thru the sail material, stress fractures parallel with the down spars, nicks and holes in the leading edge (but NOT where it folds or at the center, 'cause I pay extra to have 'em built custom with these high wear spots in mind!) I break sticks too, usually into a seawall diagonally, not for years in flight though, HA! Thin spars are splinted due to abrasion between the caps and tubes. There's dust, dirt, pollen, sweat, bug-spray, Dugard's bubble solution, kids' hand and foot prints on the fabric. I have never washed a kite, but I have assembled 'em until dry, if used in tough weather conditions. I don't care that the leading edge rips away, everything else is going to fail right around the same time. Dantonio and my bride commented once, that the kite i was flying was an embarrassment to my family! I have since replaced a Zen, a full sail, mid-vent, and full vent pro, all were hot fade, black center custom constructions. The latest Zen had "more stuff tacked-on" than I have ever done before, and quite naturally, it was priced accordingly! Awhile back, I laughingly ordered this vented eyes in jest and surprise surprise, a few months later Ben shows up holding it out for me, then handing Barbara an equally surprising invoice. The only way a kite stays pristine is if you aren't using it enough! Do you think the people in line for your inheritance care about your great rev kite collection? You don't honestly believe a sport kite is a sound investment for future re-sale, do you? They're your thing, use it accordingly now. I can recognize friends on a full flying field just by the kites they own up in the air. That speaks volumes, use and enjoy, you don't know what the future holds. I spank 'em like step-children behind the woodshed. Try it yourself, it will take thousands of hours but you too can wear out a revolution and make wrinkles in your face permanent (from all the smiling) What a great time I have wasting money on all things kite related, decades of pleasure on revs alone.
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    A fantastic weekend together with pilots from Germany, Belgium, Switserland and the Netherlands. Experienced teampilots together with pilots with no previous experience joined together. Tips & Tricks...a lot of practice...a lot of talking about Rev Kites... And it turned out all very well....we had fun !!! BIG fun.
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    Thank you Ben and Ron Gibian for protecting our home this fright night!
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    My 2 cents, (bearing in mind our weak Aussie dollar!) It might be psychological but I always found it easier to practice my inverted hover with a couple of twists in my lines. That is, launch and do a couple of rotations then try. The other thing that helped me was using a Mid or Vtd kite as they are a little less twitchy. The practice exercises in the Kitelife tutorial are worth a look too.
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    Today we broke the World Record at 81 Revolutions flown in a 9x9 matrix. We flew for about 20 to 30 minutes flying Vertical threads, Horizontal Threads. 4 concentric rings and one huge ball. The Director was John Barresi who himself stood at a distance behind us in a place where he could easily observe every REV and getting us out of jams. In addition there were several REV fliers on the ground assisting us. Congratulations to everyone.With the Concentric Rings we performed both slow and fast burst. The bursts were performed in two fashion, one being all at once the other being sequential by rings. With the big ball we also performed a burst, however the ring was so huge that I being one near the bottom could only move a few feet before I was touching the ground. If you you look at the wiggly REV on Column 3 Row 7, that is mine being a yellow/black B Series. Almost all maneuvers were performed at least twice.
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    Hey, Great news! I found a quiet field near the beach and flew my rev! After a few crashes and getting some muscle memory for the turning I tried out some basic hovers and then tried my luck at the 'plumet to the ground and stop a few feet off crashing' trick - with some success! I got to fly on 3-4 occasions during the week and found it hard to put the thing down! So thanks for your advice, help and encouragement!
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    Street/Urban kiting would be flying in urban locations. This usually means that you would be in areas where both the surrounding is obstructed (surrounded by buildings) and the flying area is obstructed (benches, posts, fountains, etc..). I would say that street kiting is most characterized by putting a kite where a kite probably ought not to be.
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    I've been flying my full vent 1.5b for a couple years when the wind was too much for anything else in my bag. This last fall & winter's wind have dictated that I only fly the full vent. So, now that I have learned to control (somewhat) my Rev, I got a full sail 1.5 Berkeley & after much thought, bought a 1.5b mid-vent as well. I had a great time watching all of you fly at Wildwood, even got my hat knocked off by a joker messing around with us by-standers ! The knot of lines was pretty impressive during the mega-fly, and the in-flight untie was even cooler. So, just wanted to extend greetings from Long Island... if any of you are out this way, I'd be happy to show you where the good wind is ! ~Rob.
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    Well it's official the "Diamond Shafts" are in production here at Revolution, all the stickers are here, the graphite is bought, and the first major batch is coming out the oven, so it's a GO...... With all that said they are not going to be cheap but they are one of the best rods we have ever made, they are light, stiff, and the reflex is out of this world..... {my original post on these can see seen at "The Diamond Shaft" on the forum} What Im going to do is get my butt handed to me but "oh well", for the introductory price of $99.00 you to can have a set of the newest addition to the "Revolution" product line, this is a savings of over $40.00 and as always this is a direst sell item from me, which means you have to say (Bens sale oh boy) I love this job...... Ya this is a sale price and can only be had by saying (Bens sale oh boy), I do have issues..... Ben keeper of the madness Sale price is only good till the end of Oct.
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    I have added yet another new item to my lineup! Intruducing the Go Pro Camera Stake. This stake uses the Go Pro camera flat mount on one of my stakes so the camera can be positioned on the ground for those down low shots. A big Thank You to Jim Fielder for the idea!
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    Not very technical, but had a good moment or two
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    Just created a tutorial on how to replace a bridle on a Rev. This process is the same for all Rev 1.5 (b-series, exp, masterpieces, etc.), 2, and 1 models, and is very similar to that of the Blast series or Speed series kites.
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    Jason, I don't weigh the rods nor do I care what they weigh. For me it's about "feel" and "touch" also, "input" and "response" from my fingers to the kite and back. My unsolicited and mostly feeble attempt at advice would be to forget about the weight of the rods and just go out and fly the crap out of them in many varied conditions. Those are the kind of comps that should be made between different frame sets, not the frame weight alone. Read LaMaster's critiques elsewhere in the forum and talk to others who have used them in different sails and different wind conditions. All of the above not withstanding.....lets fly some kites dude!
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    Final Status! I must confess that I was a bit pessimistic that we would be able to identify all the pilots and their positions within the 9x9(81) matrix. You can surely congratulate yourselves for your awesome efforts in completing this. WOW! WOW! WOW!
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    There are different flavors of each type. All the way from uncoated nylon on one end to polycarbonate coated polyester on the other. There are different weights of materials available as well. Icarex is about .6 ounce per square meter, not counting the coating's additional weight. Some folks feel white is lighter in weight than other colors because it's not carrying the dye. Dacron on the leading edge sleeve is 3.9 ounces per sq/meter. Banner fabric is usually 1.5 ounce nylon. You could buy a kite made out of polyester fabric, but one crafted of Icarex will certainly cost you more. Some materials are laminated together to incorporate multiple objectives. Scrim in the mylar, or a mylar back nylon, for example. Poly doesn't gain weight as quickly when wet compared to nylon, nor does it stretch and return to shape. Surely you could see applications where both of these treats are desirable. How about in competition and you want the kite slower?, wetting a nylon kite is not news! Or you're just jacking around in bad weather, chasing seagulls on the boardwalk, then a more responsive poly kite is called for. Orcon can not be sewn or come to a sharp right angle in construction,yet it has uses for indoor kites despite these limitations. Many kite builders in my club begin with tyvek (like a Fedex envelope, synthetic paper) prototype. It might be stapled onto a dowel wood frame or duct taped together. The kite will explode and the stress points can be identified, subsequently reinforced and tested again with a more complete prototype. Different fabric colors can be combined, but mixing fabrics is a no-no for most builders. Some of the best do it anyway, it's all about color selection. If you needed 12 purples on your design you will have to mix fabrics. Different stretch and bias characteristics will need to be thought thru and planned for. I'm no scientist, but some materials are worth more time to use and funds to acquire in my experience. I live in the land of no-wind, I'll take catastrophic failure over stretch anytime.
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    That's why I spend so much time answering questions on the forum. it's good to share the joy and so rewarding when people acknowledge it.
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    Had the most wonderful two hours flying today. Everything seemed to 'click' into place and the overall control felt a lot more natural and intuitive. Was much more confident in controlling it and making it do (roughly!) what I want it to, and was less scared of the kite being damaged as a result. The wind was slightly lighter this time, about 10mph instead of 15mph, which also helped a great deal (a vented is now on my list for when it is windier!) Seriously got the biggest smile on my face. It was fun before, but the fun factor has gone exponential. I can only imagine it will get more so as you continue to develop skills. No hard ditches. Was able to use the inverted launch/hover to recover the few flops I did have. Only one brief walk of shame in the whole two hours, and that was only when the kite was already sitting on the ground and fell forward flat with the LE toward me (and I wasn't able to turn it by yanking on a single line). Even got spontaneous applause from a chap walking a dog behind me (unbeknown to me) when I was practicing dive-stops! Didn't even realise how much time had passed, got a slight hunger pang, looked at my watch and realised two hours had gone! Was so relaxing. I can easily see how this can become a way of life. Very glad I found the Rev world. That's amazing, guess they don't call them 'sails' for nothing! Looks very much like the individual sail(s) on a galleon ship but with dual rudders per sail. I originally assumed the spars on the back of the Revs were to keep the sail stretched and flat as possible, clearly not so as they bend and support the sail. A lot of complex physics elements happening here! I can see how some people put the spars at the front (like a dual line kite) by accident, although the stress on the frame and sail might be greater. The workings play with your mind a bit. John B, on another note - I have got to say - a huge thank you for all your tutorials on Kitelife (and youtube) - namely assembly/disassembly, line management (I unravelled and hooked up my lines today when setting up and there literally wasn't a single twist in them!), equalizing, setting up the bridles (something I needed to do when I got the kite second hand after the previous guy had it all knotted up), hovers (which I'm currently enjoying learning), flat relaunching (reduces the embarassment of the walk of shame, and increases the flying time) to name a few. They really have been incredibly useful to a solo learner/flyer like me, every one of them (as no instructions came with the kite). As well as your inspirational flying vids which almost single-handedly got me into Revs after stumbling upon them. We salute you!
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    I always fly with music, keeps the voices in my head down..... Ben
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    dragonfish has a point!! When setting up, make sure all the bridle points come off "clean"! While you're at it, make sure you haven't got a tangle or wrap coming off the endcaps either!! Both wrapped endcaps or wrapped attachment points will make your bridle act strange!! I have a pattern to my setup that never changes, making sure the bridle attachment points at the caps are the same and my line legs are "clean" from the bridle rigging!! There are times I'll take the bridle loose from the caps, assemble the kite, and attach the bridle so each leg pulls from the same direction, ie - inside pull for bottoms, outside pull for tops, low pull for outsides!! Assembling the kite without the bridle lets the caps show you their orientation, then you can put the bridle on so that each side mirrors the other!! Eliminates 1 variable in your setup!!!
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    People have been asking now that iQuad is not traveling as a team what will happen well "Family" heres what we are doing...... News, news, news! As most of you know, iQuad has stepped off the circuit for a rest after many years of pleasing crowds the world over, and after putting up with me for more years than they want to admit. With that said, my personal email has been burning up with questions on who will “Revolution” work with now as far as events and what not. Well for me that was a no brainer—the team that we will be recommending is 180Go! There are many reasons I say this. 180Go! is not so much a new team (2007) or the best in the world (yet), but what they do is what we here like to see, and that is sharing their love of kiting with others in the form of teaching others and sharing info and skills with no strings attached. Also Mike Kory has been a member of iQuad himself and has always been a huge supporter of “Revolution Kites.” What has always struck me with this group is the fact that they are both friends and family. What I also like is that the team’s ages are so well ranged—20s, 30s, 40s, 50s. This lets them speak to just about anyone in the crowd. I’ve worked with this team in many places in the USA and Canada, so I have had the privilege to view the dynamics of this team, and the dynamics they bring to the table are amazing. So it’s with total trust and my knowledge of what helps an event work that I’d like to announce that team “180Go!” is “Revolution Kites” go-to team for events and outside shows. INFO Mike Kory (captain)—his point of contact is kitemike@gmail.com Rose Kory Mike Stephenson Nick Stephenson Mikey Devereaux Jeff Faje David Kovacs Steve Anderson Their web site is 180go.com http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkyTbl1yRocOMnndptD-Pug?feature=watch I've worked with 180Go since there beginning and have always respected them as a team and even more importantly as my friends now with iQuad resting I needed a work horse and a group that gave me what I needed..... So guys I know you thought you'd get all the glamor of being "The Revolution Team" what you really get is me , see along with all the flying you are now in charge of ME......... Just ask iQuad how that works , anyway guys welcome to the inside and thanks now and always for all you do and have done glad to have you on the team....... Ben
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    Sometimes it not about the journey but more about the people you meet along the way, this video is just that not so much the journey but the people.... You know there's so many of you that I need to thank but what I'll do rather than running thru all of you I'll just say "thank God for putting each of you in my life"...... Each of you have been there for me, believed in me when I did'nt believe in myself, and mostly just held my hand thru it all..... Ya the journey has been unreal but more importantly it's been about all of you...... I really do love you guys and I'm so thankful for having you my "Family" in my life so remember where ever this journey takes you remember you take a part of me and I will always have a part of you...... Ben:blue_wink:
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    I was out this week with West Australian and the wind died for a bit, so I pulled out my newly made up 30 footers (give or take a foot). Saddled up the good old EXP with a 2 frame and took it for a spin. WOW WOW WOW! Being up close and personal like that is a real buzz! Just working it around was great fun. I thought I'd have a crack at some 3D work. Now THAT is cool! Catch and throws on 30's now is one of my favorite things. Swapped set ups with Ian and had a go on his Std with #50 x 50's, after a bit of practice I got a couple to work on that as well. Great morning light wind flying all round! Can't wait to try my B2 on these shorties! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Beginners offer the best insights because they're not afraid to ask questions and to learn. As you gain knowledge and add experience so you will begin to reach a point of understanding. That is an extremely powerful position as you begin to be a bridge between still understanding the mind of the beginner while understanding the more advanced. Unless you are actively teaching beginners you will eventually start to forget how their mind works and bridging that gap when explaining things becomes more difficult. Doing a blog would be one method of preserving that bridge in thinking for others to refer to in their own journey. Well, that's just my opinion anyway