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  1. The Supersonic is the smallest of the three you mention, still larger than the Rev II though. The Shockwave is about 2 inches longer and about 2-3 inches taller. Although this is only a tiny amount, it does slow the kite down a smidge but increases the overall pull by a bunch. Both the Shockwave and the Supersonic will pull twice or more than a normal 1.5. I would be very hesitant to say they were light wind kites. They will float incredibly well so they do fly in the lighter winds but it takes a ton of skill to master. IMO, light wind is NOT what these kites are built for. They are fast and will put a huge grin on your face just putting the spars in and getting it ready for flight. NOT your first rev though, they are twitchy and mega fast so you really have to think well in front of the kite, snaps of the wrist will be 360's, dive stops are so quick you will lose the kite. They really are awesome to fly and the Sonic is my most favorite kite in the right winds. I normally won't pull either of these kites out unless the winds are above 10mph. Thats where I feel these kites really come into their own and are funnest to fly. The Blast is much bigger than both of these. The larger sail area does slow the kite down a bit so it is not as fast as the Sonic or the Shockwave. Still, it is much faster to fly than the 1.5's, I would say about as fast as the Rev II but with a ton more pull. The Blast will pull harder than the Shockwave will, I would say it is a very good middle between the 1.5 and the Power Blast 2-4. Light wind performance on the Blast is much better than the speed series but it still takes tons of experience and technique. I wouldn't really call flying it in winds under 5 mph that fun, but it can be done with a bit of effort. It will not replace a 2 wrap B-series or SUL. In the lighter winds, the Blast also has a ton of float so gliding it back and forth is pretty cool, again it takes time to figure out how to fly it in the light stuff. Stronger winds (5+ mph) it starts to behave like a normal Rev with a bunch of oversteer, 10+ mph and it is a "Blast" to fly! (pun intended) All of these kites can do everything that the 1.5 series can do, you just have to realize that the Speed Series will do it much faster and will be much more twitchy when doing it. Hovers are not going to be nearly as smooth and precise and side slides - awesome fast but not nearly as controllable (or graceful) as the 1.5 sized kites or the Rev 1. As for the Blast and control, the larger mass of the kite makes it harder to pull precision out of it. When coming out of spins or turns it will have a ton of oversteer and you need to counter-react to get the kite to snap or stop turning. Speed is fun and the pull is really cool to play with. If you are looking for ultimate precision and control, these kites are probably not what you are looking for. If you are looking for something totally exciting and different than what the 1.5 series kites are, these kites will quench your thirst!!! If I was to rate these in the amount of air time mine get, it would be Sonic first, Sonic Vented second, Shockwave and then Blast. Hope that helps.
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