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  1. Hi, Yes, the Bridles should be tied together at the loops at the top middle of wing. If you can possibly call me with the kite infront of you, I can talk you through it quickly. I believe there is also a tutorial video, by Watty that shows how to tie the bridles together. Feed the long loop ( on the horizontal bridle) through the small loop ( on the vertical bridle) about half way. Fold long loop back on itself and feed down through the long loop. Pull tight. Same on left as on the right. Good winds, Lolly
  2. Dear Rev Family, We wanted to get this message out to you. Our dear brother Ron Despojado passed away on April 5. The causes are still listed as natural. We have no further information. We will be having the Memorial Kite fly this Saturday at Mariners Point, Mission Bay. ( near Belmont Park, the site of the New Years Day fly.) We will be there Saturday from 11:00 till 5 pm officially. We will have a club meeting, a Rev hosted lunch, and a wonderful fly and gathering remembering Ron and all others who we miss dearly. Please join us, or fly where you can. Thank you all for your kind words and wonderful memories for my dear friend Ron. I am truly heartbroken. Lolly
  3. Hi Jonathan, Welcome to the Rev family. Wayne is right. 50 ft may do ok. 30 foot now would be way fast. Mark is right. 'Brakes' is an important move. You can practice putting on the brakes 30 ft in the air. You don't have to wait till you are inches from the ground : ) Have fun !!!! Lolly
  4. Dear IKE, 180Go, and all Rev flyers, I am very sad at the news of David Kovacs. He was a great guy, a great flyer. He will be missed. Taken too soon. Lord, we pray for his family and friends. God Bless, Lolly Hadzicki
  5. Dear Rev Family, We want to wish you a Happy New Year, and blessings for all. January started with Kite, Toys And Innovation (KTAI) Convention in Orlando, Florida. The new Rev Carbon Fiber Banner poles were introduced to the shops with great enthusiasm. Thank you !! I then went on to a great festival in treasure Island. We had sunshine, and decent winds, and wonderful friends from up and down the east coast. Welcome new Rev family members ! News since then.... David is going to beautiful Milwaukee for a Valentines Snow fly !!! He will be there Amy & Connor, Ron Despojado, Chicago Fire, and many great people. Thank you Scott at Gift of Wings, Delevan county, and the Lakelawn Resort. 180Go New York Minute Team kites are in the works, Check out the new Carbon Fiber Banner poles, Rev Hats !, and coming soon new Rev Shirts ! March 14, 15th is Kite Party in Huntington Beach, CA. Thanks Dave Shenkman at Kite Connection ! Looking forward to hearing from our friends and family. Lolly Banner Hndout.html
  6. Hi Family, Happy New Year !!! We have 3 Spiro Art kites available. 1 Rainbow, Red center 1 Blue 1 Red/White/Black We will be working with John Mitchell on new designs. Stay tuned ! Lolly
  7. Kite flying is a beautiful hobby but a very difficult place to make a living. With that said, we're sad to report that Ben will be spending more of his time pursuing higher paying opportunities. He is a cherished member of Revolution Kites and our kiting community. We look forward to many years of community support and team building as his time permits.... Ben will be especially missed at Revolution for his ability to strengthen the community by bringing kite fliers together within the Rev family, and the kiting community as a whole. Whether supporting team iQuad, answering questions on the Rev forum, spreading his passion of flying at International events, or just hanging out with his many kiting friends, you can always count on Ben to bring some excitement to the party. It's rare to find people willing to give years of their lives (and personal expertise) even to something as beautiful as kites, but when you find these special people, it's important to honor and support them as they have generously given their time and energy to strengthen our community. Ben is such a person. We'd like to thank the community for their support over the years. It may sound like a cliché, but it's true. We can't do it without you. Your support in turn allows us to support the community, its teams, events and fliers. When you buy a Revolution kite, you're buying an experience which includes the whole kiting community: the stores offering knowledgeable product support, the manufacturers that develop and bring you new and unique products, and the teams that show us what is possible. Thanks again, and we're looking forward to seeing you on the flying field in 2015. Joe, David, Lolly Revolution Kites
  8. Thank you John for the pictures. Mark Makatakam- sorry, I don't have you listed, what other name do you use Mark..... (I feel dumb about this) Yours will be the 3rd Rad Rainbow spoken for, and I don't want you to miss out. Thank you, Lolly
  9. Lolly


    Dear Paul, Steven, and family, We are still working on the Rev helium project. It is very much alive and in the near future. This is an awesome flyer. We would not let this idea float away. Thanks for the poke. Lolly
  10. Looks great Marc !!! Thanks for the video !!!! Lolly
  11. Dear Rev Family, We are very excited to welcome our new Masterpiece artist. Kevin Bayless has graciously agreed to put his talent into a Rev sail. We are thrilled to have him onboard. His style is bold and exciting in flight. We have received 2 skins and they are completed. I have added the pictures here. More skins are due to arrive at Rev today or tomorrow. Kevin has posted a few preliminary pictures on Facebook also. They are beautiful, and are getting comments from around the world. 3 are already spoken for. There will be only 10 in his set. Send your comments and orders ! They are selling fast. Good winds, Lolly
  12. Dear Heino, Thank you for all your nice video posts ! Wonderful !! Yes, the Rev 1 3 wrap - 1/4" ( 8 mm) frame would be very nice for you. It will give a different feel and flight. You will think you got a new kite. Very exciting !! Would you like me to send you purchase information ? Where can I email you price ? I will need your address to estimate shipping charges to Denmark. Thank you again for your flying. Lolly
  13. Hi Alden, Paul, BB, Dave, Wendy, and family ! I miss you and the event already !!!! Have a cold one for me. Barbara, order the Lobster Mac !!! Good winds ! Lolly
  14. Happy monday Rev family, Another great day here at Rev. I talked about the great light wind flying (and giving lessons) of the printed sail. We had a great response to the Spirograph ( string art) and have a few more of the rainbow colors available. New to this lightwind set is the Tiger Cubs. John Mitchell has again, beautifully created this artwork. Thank you John !! A few of these are available. This is limited. Drop me a line. Have a great week, Lolly
  15. Hello Desert Rat, and family, Sorry I have not been vocal lately. Honestly, I check what's going on, and the Rev family is so great with answers and info, I am feeling abit un-needed. No worries. I am keeping busy with new flyers, new products, and new Masterpiece artists! For the SUL/ Light wind flying, we are suggesting the printed sails. They are amazing ! We have a few of the Spirograph sails in the Rainbow colors available now. The Tiger Cubs were a huge hit at Long Beach, Washington festival with light wind days. I gave lessons, Penny demoed with the kite, a great time and no problem in the 2-3 mph winds. The printed sail with a Diamond frame is the way to laugh-back at a No Wind day. I know you know what I'm talking about : ) These are going fast. Yes, Give me a call !
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