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Anyone on a dial up connection?


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pretty wild . what is the purpose of this . it looks like and old skoll version of the forum now :lol:

Basically Ant .... it dops the site down to the basics. Less info, smaller size...makes it much faster for the slower connection...ie. dial-up. Or like Outsync said...for his mobile application. Get's rid of all the graphics, animation etc.

Doesn't sound like you need it.


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ok now i see i was just wondering since ive always had broadband

While I have broadband at home, at my mother's cottage I am lucky if I can connect at 33k on dialup. A lofi edition will be great for the 2 weeks I'm there.


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The lofi version is also available for my Kitelife forum... Just look for the link in the dark grey bar, bottom of every page (even this one).

Thanks John, I have cable while I'm here in Fl and dial up at home. Will change when I get home. But hope by then they will have the cable out in the sticks where I live. See you at TI ?

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