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  1. Why not lightly spray them with color matching car paint then wax? At one of the Conventions Jon Trennepohl had a bunch of rods that were unfinished and cheap. I sprayed them with clear coat, made them look like finished rods.
  2. Shaun Paul has it right about getting with a group. Someone in the group has an extra kite that you can use to learn on. Maybe one they are ready to let go for a reasonable price.
  3. Quad sticks maybe just a learning tool. I know it will be easier to set up without the sticks.
  4. Good thing its an indoor or it would be attacked by the small birds outdoors.
  5. I feel the same way after putting quad sticks on two of my revs. No death spins, inverted from ground to top. What a joy.
  6. Ok. Really like the idea but how is it going to be vented ?
  7. I made some quad sticks which worked well yesterday. Only problem was the connections to down spars. What work for you ?
  8. I usually fly with my index finger holding the top line over the top and just using my little finger for the reverse. The bottom leader is only about an inch long and the top is about 5-6 inches with knots about an inch apart. I put the line on the 3rd knot. This is on the snag less handles I made. I don't think about the handles just the way the kit flies for me. I'm not proficient yet but working on it. So its practice, practice, practice.
  9. Check out AKA.KITE.com and check the calendar to see if anything would be conflicting in your area. Then plan for an open date. Just wait till the weather gets better up there.
  10. Did you check out the local colleges? I used to fly at the indoor volley ball court at the University of Toledo while my wife was in the pool doing therapy.
  11. Where do you find the 2030 leds? I had an outfit that two leds on both ends of a plastic tube with the battery on the center in a cut out area. It had a rubber band going through to run around to attach to the line. something similar to the thing Josh Lewis had but with the tube and two leds. Soon as I can find some leds and build the device I'll try and get a picture posted or a link to my photobucket.
  12. Check out the fishing department for Planer Board Line. I have florescent yellow and orange. Its Dacron 130 lb test and hollow core. I had both for years. A spool is 150 feet and will last a long time. Also use it for making draw strings in bags and many other things. I use yellow for left and a dab of black sharpie on the bottom lines
  13. Can this be put on Cafe Press? Maybe thu AKA or Kite Life. If you do please let me know.
  14. Also Bob if you mix the lines up. You don't want light line on the top of one side and then other on the bottom. And you will want to switch your lines around from time to time.To equalize the line strech
  15. Wayne do you have a pic of the 2032 battery holder? Would like to get them set up fo rthe kite festival at Tresure *Island next week. Does one battery power the light for very long and did you leave the flasher to work?
  16. First onen around the far turn and back wins the others horses.
  17. I bought some LED Christmas lights. There is 10 lights on the string powered by 2 double A. Use either constant or flashing. Got them at Walgreens after Christmas 50% off.Was 3 sets for $10.Got six sets. Two sets werenwhited and the rest were colored.
  18. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great New Year, MOGGY hope you and your family feels better very soon.
  19. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. My wish to all is smooth winds.
  20. Jynx Once you get in the habit its hard get out of it. Wear it at TI please.
  21. I always used a Dremmel with the thin grinding wheel. It puts out some dust so be careful The saw will split the fibers some if not careful. Another safety precaution would be to spread a light coating of epoxy or super glue around the outside.
  22. My thanks go out to you Ben for sharing your life with us. I always look forward to seeing you. And that was four times this year. Thanks again Ben. Gumby
  23. Hi Jynx. I met you a couple years ago at Grand Haven. Why don't you just show Alden up and come on down.
  24. Nice flying. You make it look so easy.
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