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  1. John's video on line management was a godsend. Just a couple of twists are easy to deal with. His method of winding up line avoids the modified macrame I used to deal with.
  2. I thought that depended on Bazzer's condition/mood when he built it.
  3. Thanks for putting up the video, Wayne. Pretty good video for a keychain camera despite the odd panning.
  4. Thanks, Laura. Sounds like a good time for sure.
  5. Any photos/videos of the event for those who couldn't get there?
  6. Happy Birthday from Toronto!
  7. I just joined Facebook. Probably the Kiss of Death. No one has ever accused me of being trendy! (A fifty something male who sews kites?) But I missed a concert recently that was limited to Facebook respondants, the 40th Anniversary Concert of a band I really enjoy, organized by their 20 something kids. Sigh. So, kicking and screaming I signed up. Some of you have received friend requests already and responded. Building slowly. Waiting to see if this thing catches on.
  8. Dave, Great report. What pictures I have seen are fantastic. Congrats to Aerochic on the banner. I look for ward to the rest of the report/pictures/video.
  9. I'm glad they caught yours in time. My father wasn't so lucky. He died of melanoma. This cancer is also no respecter of age. A friend from high school died from skin cancer a couple of years after graduation. He was 19. I wear SPF 30 for UVA and UVB, sunglasses rated for UV and a wide brimmed hat. Anything to better the odds.
  10. Amateurs need not apply! Great job, Steve. I'm going to put away the Revs and take up bowling now. Maybe not. (Can only get better. Can't get any worse!)
  11. When someone screws up their lines: "Working on your badge in Macrame?"
  12. Many Happy Returns from Toronto!
  13. Joe Meaux (SKYWLKR) had an interesting display on his Rev in Dieppe, NB a few years ago. His display had a switch that would change the display depending on the kite's orientation. I didn't get any pictures at the time, unfortunately.
  14. Ben always seems to pull out just one more kite when I have the least resistance! It's spooky.
  15. Does C include golf ball stakes for temporarily holding handles while setting up, tearing down (or doing the walk of shame)?
  16. I have never met Laura but (tattoos?), now I'm intrigued.
  17. Before I made my decision on the kite, I checked out your pictures of Vampire Rose. Those helped close the deal. You should ask Ben for a commission.
  18. Ben has been dipping into my wallet recently. Vampire Rose The Dark Lady The Dark Lady has some nice light play depending on the angle to the sun. Really cool when the skull pops from the background.
  19. Great job Connor! I bet the smiles in the Doran house don't fade for WEEKS. Have fun in Las Vegas. We are all rooting for you.
  20. I finally got some videos up on Youtube from the 2010 festival John indoors: Steve de Rooy flying two Revs: Two iQuad routines:
  21. I finally got some videos up on Youtube: John indoors: Steve de Rooy flying two Revs: Two iQuad routines:
  22. It was another great time in Grand Haven. Saturday was challenging to fly but Sunday made up for it. I've put a few pictures on Flickr: Grand Haven
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