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    Edmonds, WA......USA
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    Kites.. SLK's and now getting addicted to Quads. <br /><br />Trying to make my own....any kind with a true respect for the old school stuff.
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    Older or Custom SLK's, REVs and different Quads.

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  1. Bump....just in case anyone is out flying and sees something. Thanks!!!
  2. Some new...completely different graphics on the standard line of kites would be cool!!! IMHO P
  3. Thanks for all the support. The kiting community is surely full of good people....worldwide. With any luck the Pennell's will be re-united with their kites!!! Something is sure to pop up eventually...how could you have those kites and NOT try to fly them???? Patrick
  4. Hello all....I am going to paste a link to a Kitebuilder topic here and I hope it's OK. It just came up that Cliff and Gerry Pennell have had a lot of kites stolen from an airport and they are asking for help in recovering them. For those of you that do not know the Pennell's...they are great people and build some GREAT kites. Please help out if you can and please check out the link as many of the kites are pictured there. Maybe someone will see them for sale or flying on a lonely beach somewhere. http://www.kitebuilder.com/forums/viewtopi...&highlight= Please help these great people. Thanks, Patrick
  5. Sorry Amy.....I saw "twins" and "fantasy" in the same post and had a completely different idea of what it would be about.. The kites look great!!! Patrick
  6. Well, If the cash had been in the bank for it...it would have lasted LESS than 5 minutes. I think I fell on it by accident a couple of minutes after you put it up. Charlie got a great deal. P
  7. DAMN....Wish I could do it....great price. That should last all of 5 minutes!! Good luck...... Patrick
  8. I forgot about the skywalker. What a great kite. I would love to see it as a quad as well as the shopping cart!!! P
  9. John M. Did you ever find the pics of the shopping cart quad? I ran across it the other day....shucks...I should have saved it. It looked like another Kisa kite. She does some really nice and interesting stuff....clown, dancing couple, shopping cart etc. I wish she could make it to one of our festivals over here. Thanks for sharing these interesting kites. P
  10. I'm a little scared of the story behind that nickname....I can see a very sad comic character with that nickname given to him/her by his family!!!!! AWWWWWWWW. I'm sure it comes with a story. Thank you very much for the info. I will check it out tonight. The $$ are worth it....it could literally save my life, my car, the guy in the saab...???? AND, now that WA has made it illegal to have the phone in your hand while driving....it will probably save me from getting pulled over a few times....man I have to stop telling you all this....You're going to find me on the kite field and try to collect all that I will now owe you!!! I have the 4000 minute plan for my phone..which is my work phone...and i constantly go over on the minutes...most of this is done while drivin. The funny thing is that I was against talking on the phone while driving for years.......very much against it......and then. Thanks again you ray of shining light....pillar of hope and profound influence on the world around you. P
  11. I don't know Ant......I'm smellin' custom colors here...but I doubt John will let them do customs yet.......BUT, I could be wrong!! You'll have to go break into the "Kite Safe" when he gets them and see what they are. Maybe he did a nice Perriwinkle or Mauve? P
  12. Maybe you could rig little floaties on the leading and trailing edge....kinda like those "noodles" that kids play with in the pools...but a lot smaller. Then Ant could come up with some Quad Sticks with little pontoons on the tips. Then you could land on the water and take off from the water.....of course then you would not be able to do the cool tricks by sinking and taking off out of the water..... P
  13. Hello you with low self esteem....ie. Nobodyspecial Do you have any more info on those headsets you just referred to...."military grade noise reduction". I am on my phone ALL DAY LONG with my job...and usually in my vehicle which is pretty loud 4wd truck. I have been unable to use headsets because of the noice issues.....you may have just saved my life...or the guy in the car next to me. Please let me know if you know if the brand, model, company....anything. Thank you very much. P
  14. Basically Ant .... it dops the site down to the basics. Less info, smaller size...makes it much faster for the slower connection...ie. dial-up. Or like Outsync said...for his mobile application. Get's rid of all the graphics, animation etc. Doesn't sound like you need it. P
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