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  1. please add 1 x Rev 1.5 20th ani serie 1 x Rev II 1 x Rev 1.5 vented purple and black/grey ( thanks a lot Ben, we will take good care of it)
  2. 1) Meeting Joe, Ben, Iquad, and ofc al the other rev fly'ers 2) Flying in the Portsmounth and Bristol Mega Fly - I was scarred as hell but my purple stayed up where it needed to be 3) Flying with my wife and al the others we teamed up with at serveal occasions.
  3. We are getting ready to cross the channel tomorrow. Looking forward to meet you all, we will bring some belgian beer. Weather looks good, fingers crossed A good festival for you all Bettina, John
  4. Andy, my wife and me would love to meet up and go out for food and drinks. /j
  5. I have been using the Rev Kite bag on serveral trips to and from the USA whitout any problems. Make sure you get your kite bag labled as Fragile so they handle it with some care. /j
  6. Thanks a lot I'm im Miami atm so heading for South Beach later on. /j
  7. I got some new goodies + 1 Rev 1.5 B std purple/black ( my other one has an overstretched sail due to under water flying, might be usefull to add a litle note in next revision of the manual about sail stretch and water flying) + 1 Rev 1 std Custom (Red) + 1 Rev 1 Vented Custom (Red) Now on the lookout for a set off rev II's Good Winds, John
  8. Welcome to the darkside m8 I hope the wait for your new baby is not gonne be to long. I still remember me counting the hours, minutes when my b serie was shipped. I'm leaving for a trip to US next week and hoping to bring some new kites ( rev's ofc) back home. Good Winds, John
  9. Happy Birthday John I'll bring you some Belgium beer when we meet up in Portsmouth this summer. John
  10. Bibi & Outsync from Ostend, Belgium both signed up for both days :) Really looking forward to meeting the pro's and hoping to learn a lot Good Winds, Outsync
  11. My wife and me will be at the Portsmouth Kite Festival. Looking forward to meet you all. Good Winds, John
  12. Choccy, It was great meeting you all, this weekend has been a blast for me, my first time flying in team. I learned a lot, a great motivation boost, it seems my wife is considering flying rev's to So who know next we meet we could fly with 4. We will come to the Bristol Festival end august and if I can clear my work calendar we should be able to hop over the channel to go to Portsmouth for a day also looking forward to meet you all again Good Winds, Outsync
  13. I'm having similar issues with the bridles on my 1.5 B's ( vented and standard ). I doesn't seems to influence the kite so I dont worry about it. I did got replacement bridles from the shop where I bought the kites with out any problems. Still need to figure out how to attach the new bridles Good Winds, Outsync
  14. I've been buying my 2 B series directly in the US, well you do have to pay taxes ( dollar euro rate make up for that somehow) and I takes a litle bit longer, and some one should go and explain Customs over here that a rev 1.5 is not "A non-motorized model plane", but besides that I had no problems. Good winds, OutSync
  15. So sorry to hear that Amy, I hope you get your kites back in good shape. I will keep an eye out on the european forums and sites for you.
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