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Rev rip offs???


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The main thing to do to keep from getting ripped off is to just do some basic homework on the store/person selling the products. For a store, you can contact Revolution via e-mail or by phone and see if the store is an authorized Revolution retailer. If not then Revolution will be able to point you to one of their authorized stores.

If the seller is an individual then I would find out basic information about the person and the kite. Where they purchased it from and if it is an authentic Rev. Have them send you pictures of the kite and check to see that the kite has the official Rev logo on it. Find out if it comes with a bag and handles. If the kite does not look right, no bag, homemade handles, re-framed in something other than Rev rods then you may want to think twice about purchasing it.

Hope this helps.

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I see used revs every now and then on ebay or classifieds and of course most online kite stores. I understand not wanting to posting the address of the offender however I would like to know the company so that I do not get ripped off. :angry:

Its not used one that have been the issue on Ebay, its been the knockoffs. with any of the ads they have done over the last few years, they do not offer to actually sell you the kite itself, what they are selling you is a catalog from which you can then order the kites, and sell them yourselves.

Its a sleazy move,

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