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Community Answers

  1. REVflyer is correct. The leading edges are different lengths and will not interchange. The Super Blast leading edge is also stronger/stiffer than the 1.5 SLE leading edge, even though they might be labeled the same. We have several different frames available for your 1.5. You may want to change out the SLE leading edge for the standard 1/4" leading edge. It gives the kite a lot more precision and takes some of the quickness out. If you decide to do this, all you need is the three pieces, just slide the SLE rod out and insert the 1/4" rods in its place. End caps still work just fine and will fit over the rod instead of inside it. Hope this helps.
  2. On the Super Blast (Now called the Power Blast 2-4), The bridle had a down-line that ran from the top bridle to the one of the bottom bridles, one down-line on each side. Some people took this line off and said the kite had a little better precision without it. It flies fine with or without the down-line. Is this what you are talking about? If you do need a new bridle, we have them in stock. http://www.awindofchange.com/product/rev-bridle.html As for the rubber washers/spacers. Those go onto the leading edge end caps. Their purpose is to protect the bridle line from being cut by the larger leading edge rod. You should have one spacer on each end cap on the leading edge. (two total on the kite). Sometimes this spacer gets pushed off and it falls onto the bridle line, just move it back to where it goes when you see it. http://www.awindofchange.com/product/rev-stopper.html
  3. You can never have too many Rev's. If you can, do it. The XX is awesome and the new Reflex Technology on all the new Rev's works excellent. You won't regret it.
  4. I have both the XX and the Rev 1 (actually have 4 Rev 1's including two Segwicks). The XX is definitely easier to fly in light winds, has better glides, hovers better and can dead launch. Some of it is the sail design, some their newly designed rods but most of it is from the Reflex Technology that Rev has incorporated into all of their kite models now. This allows the kite to have much better performance in light winds as well as better performance overall, especially when stalling the kite or dropping the sail out of the wind. The Reflex design is a huge breakthrough in quad line flying and design. Makes all the older quad designs that don't have the Reflex Technology old-school, outdated and obsolete. The standard rods/sails that you find in the older Rev models is Revolution's original kite design that is 30 years old. There has been so many advancements over the last 30 years in components, carbon fiber, computers, sail design, models etc... Revolution has continued to push the boundaries with their innovative designs and their new Reflex Technology really brings quads out of the past and into the future. If you fly any quad line kite that doesn't have the new Reflex Tech, even if it is being touted as something "new", its still based off of 30 year old, outdated technology and will never have the same performance as the Reflex.
  5. The XX is larger than the 1.5 series kites but it is quite different than the Rev 1. The sails and frames are not interchangeable. I like the XX a bit better than the RX as I find it has a little better precision and handles the lighter winds better. Both are very fun to fly and usually my mood is what picks which kite I pull out of my bag.
  6. Give Daelyn an email at [email protected] We have some sails in stock and can get you any replacement sail you need.
  7. The 1/4" spars are still being used for the Rev Classic, Rev 1, EXP models and for the Vertical rods on the Reflex. There is no change in production and no plans that I have heard that they are going to be discontinued. The new 5/16" spars for the Reflex XL and Reflex XX are for the leading edge of the Reflex and will not work with the older 1/4" caps. New caps are available for the Reflexr sized rods. The SLE rod is still available as they are used in the leading edges of the Speed Series and Power Series Rev's The 1/4" rods are still available in all wrap configurations as well. 2,3,4, Race and green Race. The 1/4" caps will work with the standard 1/4" rods and the SLE rods because it fits over the 1/4" rod but inside the SLE rod (5/8"). The 1/4" caps will NOT fit inside the new Reflex 5/16" rods so they can't be used. Hope that helps.
  8. 4 wrap would be stronger for those stronger winds. The race frame will work best on the lower end of the wind range (under 12 mph). Usually it all depends on just how hard the kite is pulling and how much flex your frame is taking. If the leading edge is bowing a lot, it is usually time to go to the stronger frame.
  9. We ship worldwide. Not sure if the extra shipping charges would be that much of a bargain over purchasing from Kiteworld though.
  10. We are in North Salt Lake area, there are several parks out here that have decent winds. Foxborogh is a good one that usually isn't too busy and has plenty of winds. We have had a couple kite festivals there and they have turned out pretty good. Let me know what area you are in and maybe we can hook up and fly.
  11. The Reflex does have a different sized frame than the standard 1.5 series. If this is your first kite then switching frames doesn't really matter right now. If you are planning on getting several different types of Rev's then it may be a consideration. For light winds the Reflex is awesome and frame switching isn't that big of a deal...you probably will only need the one frame it comes with to cover winds from 2-3 mph up to 20 mph.Here in Utah the winds can be flaky so having a kite with a wide range is good. The Classic 1.5 does have the Reflex technology on it as well (Only the 3 wrap frame has the Reflex on it, all other sizes are standard). With the classic model you can get the travel frame as well as the 2, 3, 4 wraps and the Race or Diamond frames. At this time there is only the one frame option for the Reflex model. We can customize any frame requirements for you. Give Daelyn a call at the store and if you are in SLC, feel free to stop by and we can show you the different models. We have most in stock. www.awindofchange.com [email protected]
  12. Matt, your progress is awesome to read and brings back so many memories. Looks like you are doing great and learning well. The more you fly the easier and more instinctive it becomes. Keep up the learning but never forget the fun factor, after all that is what really counts.
  13. Yes, this was done for that reason, to reduce overall length when packaged. Some of the speed / power series kites have the same setup for the same reasons.
  14. You do realize that the Classic with standard verticals IS the exact same kite as the B-Series, but updated with folded leading edge, improved stitching on the trailing edge and wear strips right? It fits the same frames and everything. If you don't like the springs then just swap them out. We'll do that for you free of charge. Also, the Spider also has the Reflex technology on it....again, just swap the verticals and it is the exact same as the old models.
  15. The Reflex is a totally new design of kite, it is larger than the 1.5 series but not as big as the Rev 1. For this reason Revolution created a new frame for it because none of the others would be interchangeable. The frame is a new design with ultra high strength carbon that is also ultra light. If you want to have interchangeability, you can get the Revolution Classic model which is the same 1.5 size as all the previous models. It does come with the Reflex Technology which is the Reflex spring assembly on the two verticals, but the leading edge and the verticals are the same size just as they have always been. If you do change out the Reflex Verticals, you end up with the same flying kite as the original 1.5 / EXP / New York Minute / B-Series kites. What is awesome is that you can now have the Reflex verticals which gives a huge increase in performance, especially in light winds and it can also be launched from the dreaded dead launch position (Belly down, leading edge towards you). So Revolution did keep the interchangeability with the previous models by bringing out the Classic. The Reflex XS and XX are different sized which is why they have their own frames. Hope that helps clear some of that up.
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