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  1. awindofchange's post in Original style Super Blast was marked as the answer   
    On the Super Blast (Now called the Power Blast 2-4), The bridle had a down-line that ran from the top bridle to the one of the bottom bridles, one down-line on each side.  Some people took this line off and said the kite had a little better precision without it.  It flies fine with or without the down-line.  Is this what you are talking about?
    If you do need a new bridle, we have them in stock.
    As for the rubber washers/spacers.  Those go onto the leading edge end caps.  Their purpose is to protect the bridle line from being cut by the larger leading edge rod.  You should have one spacer on each end cap on the leading edge.  (two total on the kite).  Sometimes this spacer gets pushed off and it falls onto the bridle line, just move it back to where it goes when you see it.
  2. awindofchange's post in Which Rev? (1, 1.5, 2, or B) was marked as the answer   
    Wow, this is a little more difficult than the question implies. Your basically asking a detailed pros vs. cons about every Rev in the lineup except the speed and power ones. One could write a 100 page book on this....but we'll just try and keep it as basic as possible. You should be able to do a search on each of the kites you are interested in and get the info but I will try to summarize it up in on post for you.
    Rev 1:
    The Sedgwick is the same kite as the Rev 1 with a different panel layout and no mylar so I will just include it with this response. Some say the no-mylar sail flies a bit better but usually comes down to color choices and appearance. The Rev 1 is slow and graceful. Arguably the most precise kite in the Rev lineup. The Rev 1 is the largest of all the Revs (except the power 2-4 & 4-8) and also has the largest wind range in it's stock form. With changing out the leading edges you can increase the wind range but you may still be limited to the upper wind range unless you go with a vented version as well. The Rev 1 usually comes packaged from Rev with the SLE (super leading edge). Other leading edges can be ordered as replacements for the SLE if desired. The Rev 1 is available with SLE and Standard leading edges for both the standard and sedgwick models, SUL model(special order) & Vented models.
    Cons....??? Well, I guess the slowness of the kite is the only con unless you are not a speed freak then there is no cons. Many pilots (including my wife) absolutely love the Rev 1 with its gracefulness and control and would take it over the other Rev's any day.
    Rev 1.5 SLE:
    At this time Revolution does not produce just a 1.5 so the only option on this model is the Rev 1.5 SLE. The 1.5 SLE is a great kite with a ton of versatility to it and is the best selling model (in our shop). The 1.5 SLE has multiple rods that can be changed in and out of the kite such as the SLE 3 & 4 wraps, standard rods in 2, 3, & 4 wrap and the new Race Rods. This allows the 1.5 SLE (and the vented version) to be able to be flown in nearly any winds from 1-2 mph all the way to a reported 40+ mph with just a simple change of the frame rods. Rod sets average around $60-$70 per set so getting other rods for your 1.5 SLE is very inexpensive and simple. Our shop does offer to exchange out the SLE rods to any other rod you want at no additional charge so if you do not want the SLE you can give us a call. The 1.5 SLE is available in SUL, Standard & Vented models.
    Cons...Not quite as precise as the Rev 1 (A qualified pilot has the ability to match the precision of the Rev 1 with this model but the Rev 1 a little easier to do precise maneuvers) The precision issue is very minimal between the 1 and 1.5. The 1.5 SLE is a little twitchier and flies quicker than the Rev 1, especially with the SLE installed.
    Rev II:
    This kite is very quick and can be a blast to fly. It is not as quick as the speed series but still faster than the 1.5 SLE. It doesn't have near the pull that any of the other models have either so flying it in 15+ mph winds is both fun and easy to do. It is probably the lightest pulling kite in the entire Rev lineup (except the indoor but that is obvious). Because of it's small size it is quick and not as precise as the 1.5 SLE (pilot experience makes most of the difference here as well). It is a fun little bugger to fly. The Rev II is awesome fun to stack. The Rev II is available in standard, Vented and 3 stack configurations.
    Cons...It is a limited production model, usually only made once a year so supply is very limited and it may be difficult to get a specific color without a special order. It is quick and twitchy.
    The B-series is basically a 1.5 sail with a different panel layout. The sail materials are slightly different and combined with the unique panel layout the B-series flies very smoothly and has a great wind range. The B-series is a kite designed for a Rev pilot who wants the ultimate Revolution kite. The package comes with two complete frame sets:
    Standard Version - 2 wrap and 3 wrap frames
    Vented Version - 3 wrap and 4 wrap frames
    The package also has pre-knotted handles to make adjustments to your flying style very quick and easy. It also comes with a weight kit to help with 3D flying such as axle's, flick-flack's and other advanced tricks. It also carries a logo from John B. himself on the sail. The kite is a great package that will help take your flying experience to the next level.
    Cons...The B-series package is the most expensive of all the kites listed and it does not come with lines which must be purchased separately.
    I want to point out that the above information is only my opinion and others may experience different results than what I have posted. This post is not to reflect badly on any of the kites listed above or to be taken that one kite is not a very good model. Revolution has done a wonderful job at producing kites that are totally fun for different flying styles and wind ranges (different strokes for different folks). None of the kites in the Rev lineup are really competing with each other as they are all different enough from the others to warrant their existence. It really comes down to personal preference as to which kite is better than the other. I do have all of the models above in my bag at all times cuz they're all awesome to fly!!! I haven't listed many cons on the kites cuz I just can't think of any....... They are all awesome kites. You should just buy them all now cuz you'll probably end up with them all anyways
    Hope this helps.
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