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  1. Funny I was just on you website looking for these very items. I was confused once I seen that the washers were in different locations. I expect that they shouldn't come off too easily? I'm ordering a couple sets. As for the Bridle, that is just what I was referring to. I'll fly it without the down-line for now. Will a 1.5 SLE leading edge work in the Super Blast? Let me explain. I picked up a used 1.5 SLE and it only has the larger tube LE. I determined this by fitting the end cap inside the tube. My SB only has the higher wind LE as determined by the end cap fitting inside the LE. I would to get just one complete LE and share it between the two kites. Is this possible?
  2. I just bought a used Super Blast. I think the bridle is missing pieces. Could someone post a picture of complete bridle and where can I get a replacement? Also, there are two rubber rings on the LE ends, what are they for and where do they go? They're about 1/4in wide, one is one the LE and one is on the end cap. Thanks, George
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