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  1. So, you just brought your whole bag Be well!
  2. Alas no, it would not fit, the XX is a little bit bigger than the RX. But, Rev could certainly make you an RX travel frame.
  3. For myself, I could quite happily exist with a standard, a mid vent (single vent) and an Extra vent. Mid vents are really great for 8 - 12 mph
  4. monkey


    Not sure you mean "expect too much from the forum" I mean, feel free to fly whatever you'd like. I was just clarifying that you meant 300 pound lines. In 25 years of flying Revs, I'd just not even seen a 300 pound line quad set, let alone fly on one ;-) Have fun, you certainly aren't doing anything wrong.
  5. Thanks Guido, always love watching these. If you are at Cervia this year, come and say hello, I will be with the Decorators again.
  6. monkey


    I find the value of 130KG a little odd, that makes them nearly 300 pound lines, thus pretty thick. Am I missing something here?
  7. Many of you will have seen the NEEW Eagle kite on Facebook, but, yhe product page and info page are now live, and the kite is ready for pre-order! https://revkites.com/revolution-eagle-raptor-quad-line-kite/ For an introduction to the kite https://revkites.com/product/revolution-eagle/ To place your order. Also worth noting, 2020 brings new colors to the Revolution Spider RX and Super Spider RX! https://revkites.com/product/revolution-reflex-rx-super-spider/ - Super Spider https://revkites.com/product/revolution-reflex-rx-spider-web/ Spider Thanks!
  8. If the wind is typically really light there, I'd suggest the Reflex XX, it's the best in light winds.
  9. I think that the XX is one of the best low wind kites out there. Love mine!
  10. monkey


    Usually with the blast, you have 3 rods making up the leading edge, and 4 vertical spars. Anything else would be spares
  11. Better late than never indeed! Welcome to the forum.
  12. One thing to check as I didn't get logged out with this post, make sure you are allowing cookies to be set, the forum requires them
  13. I'll get a look at this. I am not surprised the facebook login isn't working but, I'll see what that issue as well.
  14. I desanded by bag today as well, that fine sand got everywhere!
  15. Personally, I still love Rev 1s. As makatam said, as long as it's not destroyed, this is a great price.
  16. Just a quick note, I have moved the URL of the forum over to https for better security. No action should be required on your part but, if anything behaves oddly, just let me know :-)
  17. Note to self, test changes first...
  18. What do I do in "not kite time"? I sling a guitar around...
  19. Ya, we could use a new header here. John?
  20. monkey

    B2 revolution

    I'll get a look as to why that's not showing up in searches because ya, it's been discussed here. It's really a fun kite!
  21. No worries Guido, I cleaned up! Thanks as always for your videos!
  22. I can measure this for you from mine if need be
  23. I tend to only use the springs in low winds, myself.
  24. I think the arrangement I came up with for a "mid vent" version of the kite will work out quite nicely. We'll find out shortly!
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