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  1. I think that the XX is one of the best low wind kites out there. Love mine!
  2. monkey


    Usually with the blast, you have 3 rods making up the leading edge, and 4 vertical spars. Anything else would be spares
  3. Better late than never indeed! Welcome to the forum.
  4. monkey

    Forum Upgrade

    One thing to check as I didn't get logged out with this post, make sure you are allowing cookies to be set, the forum requires them
  5. monkey

    Forum Upgrade

    I'll get a look at this. I am not surprised the facebook login isn't working but, I'll see what that issue as well.
  6. I desanded by bag today as well, that fine sand got everywhere!
  7. Personally, I still love Rev 1s. As makatam said, as long as it's not destroyed, this is a great price.
  8. Just a quick note, I have moved the URL of the forum over to https for better security. No action should be required on your part but, if anything behaves oddly, just let me know :-)
  9. Note to self, test changes first...
  10. What do I do in "not kite time"? I sling a guitar around...
  11. Ya, we could use a new header here. John?
  12. monkey

    B2 revolution

    I'll get a look as to why that's not showing up in searches because ya, it's been discussed here. It's really a fun kite!
  13. No worries Guido, I cleaned up! Thanks as always for your videos!
  14. I can measure this for you from mine if need be
  15. I tend to only use the springs in low winds, myself.
  16. I think the arrangement I came up with for a "mid vent" version of the kite will work out quite nicely. We'll find out shortly!
  17. You know, that's an excellent idea, I'm going to pass that along. Done, mocked up a quick idea and sent it into Dave, Joe and Lolly for comments.
  18. Hey all, just as a quick note, Joe graciously let me get my hands on the new VERY vented Reflex (tentatively called the Super Spider Web at this point) while we were down at Rich Comras's memorial party. This kite should be available pretty soon and damn, it flew well. It kept up to any other very vented kite out there and pull wise, it's roughly about the same amount of pull as the XTRA vent. I'll get some pictures and a better review soon but, Joe and I also talked about a mid vent Reflex as well! I sent Joe back with a few tweaks to this new kite, so, hopefully it will ready to go soon! Quite a handful of people took it for a fly and they loved it. Other things on the go over the next while, We're going to redo the Rev store site entirely over the next few weeks, and at the same time, we will roll the forum back over to the same site. An unfortunate bunch of missteps caused the separation last year and I am looking to fix this. The forum URL will change slightly to match the .com site however, that will be it as far as the forum goes. (I may undertake to dress the place up a little bit too!) thanks all!
  19. Ya, this is PRETTY much correct. I am sure there are a few exceptions to this but, in general, yes.
  20. "Disturbed" sounds like the best description of that kind of wind
  21. Given they are currently considered Rev family, they are fine. I don't know, geeez guys, I don't (and will not) want to start policing a list of who owns what, what's legit and what's not, that just silly . I have better things to do. If it has a Rev logo on it, it's a Rev. And in some cases it may not have a logo on it. Just use some common sense
  22. I'm would not couch it in those terms, it's simply that it's a global Rev count. I wouldn't even call it a licensing "issue".
  23. No, it shouldn't ;-) Doing that opens the door to any quad line kite being included in the list. Sorry.
  24. monkey

    Rev 1.5 Classic

    At this point, I am not aware of any current plans to bring a colorizer back for custom colors, but, perhaps when they start offering custom 1.5 Classics or RXs. I'll ask
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